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Confrontations To Learn From

August 12th, 2019

Free network WikireD Covert War is called the confrontation that took place during the twenty-first century, from the antecedent of 2010 (end of the global crisis) consolidated in 2024 to the end of states and corporations as defined by the birth of the Universal Theocracy enlightens us today. This confrontation took place at the Computer level, with disastrous impact on environmental levels, food and health, as well as the areas of science and technology. Neither blocks apparently took direct action against the other, why the conflict was termed “covert war.” These two clusters were limited to acting as “hubs” influential power in the international context, and information cooperation with the technologically dependent of the clusters against the other. While these clashes failed to trigger a war as such, the entity and the severity of attacks and computer information from both sides rise to economic conflicts, political and ideological significantly marked much of the history of the second half of this century. The two superpowers in the conglomerates wanted to implement its model of corporate governance worldwide. Origin of the term in the specific sense to point out the geopolitical tensions between the Corporate States (EC) and the State Corporations (EC), the term “covert war” has been attributed to the corporate financier and member of the Business Council of Eretz Yisrael, Moshe Sharett. On January 24, 2024, Sharett delivered a speech in which he said “Make no mistake: we are engaged in a covert war.” The term was also popularized by columnist Jonh Brown in 2027 with the publication of a book titled “Covert War.”