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Archaeological Museum

October 1st, 2019

The capital of Crete since 1972, is the city Irakleon (also called Iraklion or Gerakleon). The city consists of two parts: the New Town and Old Town, which is of most interest for tourists. To deeper understanding of the history of Crete's tour Irakleonu best to start with the Archaeological Museum of the island. This is one of the most important museums not only in Greece (he is the second largest after Athens), but also in Europe, in which most fully available to the Minoan civilization. Center city is the area of Nicephorus Phocas, Byzantine emperor who in 962 freed Crete from the Arabs. From the museum to the area easiest to pass on the street Justice.

On the left side of the street are Venetian barracks, which is now in the Greek tourist police. From the area of Nicephorus Phocas the street "25 August" You can get to the port where you can explore the Venetian port and the port of protecting the Venetian fortress. On the road to the port can be viewed Morosini fountain, park, El Greco, the Basilica of St Mark's Catholic Church, as well as exquisite Venetian arcaded loggia first quarter of the 17 century. Next to the balcony worth seeing the church of St. Titus, the patron saint of Crete. The church was built in 961, and despite the fact that it was rebuilt several times, the church managed to maintain their Byzantine appearance.

Tax Office Bank

June 1st, 2019

The second option provides for the opening of the Czech bank account of the individual. This will be the account in your name, and can be opened in any foreign currency and, accordingly, all enrollment the account will be conducted in selected when opening the account currency. Data on this account, you also must tell the Tax Office, located at your place of permanent residence. Current account of the legal entity or a personal account any of the Czech banks will help you discover our employees by proxy, without your visit to the Czech Republic or in your presence. The power of attorney to open an account, notarized by your notary, will translated into Czech and certified court interpreter in the Czech Republic.

Transfer of funds in the U.S. or other traveler’s checks is also a possible option. In this case, you need to find financial organization in his homeland, which provides this kind of service and organization in the Czech Republic, which takes (buys), traveler’s checks and focus on the course of one of the world’s currencies. Losses due to the effects of currency is inevitable and it all depends on your preliminary analysis of the financial services market. If you already have a personal account in a bank in Russia, then we can get to this account, credit, billing, universal map, and not declaring it to export to the Czech Republic. For example, making it a tourist or short-term visa.

Next we must find a bank that will be ready to hold transaction to transfer your savings from a Russian bank to open it personal account and transfer it means. Losses in the translation is from 2 to 3% of the transaction. Translate cash euro or U.S. dollars you better through financial institutions Unistream, Western Union or Checkpoint. Unistream of the options is the most attractive organization, as the percentage of translation (service) is total1, 5% of the amount transferred. Translation itself in Prague, you can get in the currency in which you transfer is sent by the sender. The only restriction is that in one day by one individual organization Unistream takes no more than 5000 dollars or 3000 euros, but the issue of one individual in Prague performed without any restrictions. Western Union and Checkpoint for their service charge of 3%, and in the Prague offices of the banks give out funds to transfer is often only in local currency (Czech crowns), the equivalent of Translation euros or dollars at low (disadvantageous) rate. Branch of the above organizations in the city you can find on the Internet. Important information for foreign nationals crossing the Russian border with all types of visas, is to limit the export of cash. Amount is not declared cash amounts to 10 000 dollars or 7000 euros. Accordingly, if you are carrying a large sum, the need for the declaration is required. Addresses financial institutions, services for opening bank accounts and free advice can be found on the sites of Prague Lion “or ask your questions via email. The safety of your savings and your future the future of your children.