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Slide Characteristics

February 9th, 2017

Here is a Description and review of Nokia 2680. Nokia 2680 slide – the initial model in the line of sliders Finnish mobile phone maker. The device, first and foremost be of interest to women, as created with an eye for them, though a strong half of it could be interesting. Phone is positioned as a simple, ordinary slider. Its main advantage – the style for little money. Angus King has similar goals. We begin our review of the Nokia 2680 slide with the appearance. In the design of plastic is used.

Front side – glossy, back surface is rough, it obespetsivaet excellent ‘grip’ the phone. Model is rather petite, her weight – 95 grams. Phone easily fits in any pocket, it can be worn anywhere. Nokia 2680 slide assembly – very good, no scratches were found. This slider phone – oval, all corners are rounded, the phone looks ‘soft’. Nokia 2680 slide comes in two colors – both with a gradient of color, the phone shimmers in the light.

Available in blue and black (Nokia 2680 slide Blue to Black) and gray with black (Nokia 2680 slide Silver Gray to Black). In both cases the sides of the insert is silver. The same box is around the back of the camera. Brief description of the display Nokia 2680 slide: a budget TFT-LCD with 128×160 pixels, up to 65000 colors. Physical display size is 28×36 mm, ie the diagonal – 1.8 inches. Rendition on a good level, the picture looks bright, All this, of course, mindful of the true value of the model.


November 4th, 2011

During the creation of the company, we clearly understand what we are creating a new, unique name with unique capabilities. Our revolutionary ability to create our brand, loyal customers and new leads. But to all this achieved, we must clearly realize that the creation of a brand – it is a great and laborious work. And one false step could lead to the fact that our efforts will be wasted. One of the components of the process of branding, according to my opinion, are the beautiful gold number. Let's look at the pros and cons of gold numbers. The main plus of beautiful rooms – is that it is an indicator of the status of your company, then there is a business card.

The status of your company must be successful and only if your image will grow, and strengthen the brand. It would seem that only a beautiful room, but it hides a more important advantage, namely the "easy to remember." Yes it is! Ask your familiar, easy to remember whether they number? I'm sure not. Science has proven that things like complex numbers, a person remembers about 1-3 minutes. Ask again, remember he is a number like 0683999999. Beautiful room, right? Remember this number very easy! What are the advantages of easy memorization? The answer is very simple. Advertising.

Advertising on television, in magazines, newspapers and the Internet, where working visual memory, and hence associative. Advertising on radio, where he works auditory memory. Product or service will be successfully promoted in all advertising mediums, and therefore sell well. But the main disadvantage. Beautiful rooms in short supply, so expensive. But snapping them very quickly, despite the price. One such number will earn a good reputation. And as you know, a reputation for money will never buy. Where did buy a beautiful golden number? The idea is you can buy them at the points of mobile offices operators. But everything is more complicated, they are snapping up beforehand. Need to search the Internet, an online store selling beautiful golden numbers. Those who decided to still buy gold room, I wish good luck and prosperity. Company image above all!

Warning Systems At Industrial Sites

October 28th, 2011

For places with crowded, industrial plants, including hazardous chemical, petrochemical and refining industries, provided the following rules and regulations: 1. Order Russian Ministry for Civil Defense and Emergency Disaster of June 20, 2003 323 "On approval of fire safety systems in the design of warning people about a fire in buildings," Speech notification must reproduce normally audible frequency range from 200 to 5000 Hz. 2.Federalny law of December 4, 2006 206-FZ amending Federal Law "On protection of population and territories from emergency situations of natural and man-made "loud warning to businesses and public places should be organized by technical means. Local alarm system companies must have opportunity to be connected with alarm system P-166. In addition, according to the norms NPB 104-03 alerts through the civil defense and emergencies in all areas carried out with absolute priority over other modes. 3.Prikaz Ministry of the Russian Federation for Civil Defense, Emergencies and Disaster Relief from 07.12. 1998 "On Approval of the warning systems of civil defense," Transmission of signals (orders) and information alerts can be performed in an automated and a manual mode.

Basic mode – automated. In automatic mode, the transmission of signals (orders) and information Alerting using special equipment alerts. 4.Postanovlenie RF GosGorTechNadzor May 5, 2003, N 29 'On approval of the General Rules for the explosion explosive chemical, petrochemical and oil industries' PB 09-540-03 objects that contain a part of the technological blocks all types of explosion, as well as technology related systems equipped with other facilities duplex speakerphone explosion-proof.