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Portrait Followers

September 1st, 2019

2. The frequency of messages. I talked about this before. It is simply too formal sign, and it should fit here. If I first went to someone else's page and saw that the day went 20-30 posts, then the chances that I sign, frankly, is not enough. 3.

Response folloving. When you Follow someone, you're free to do as you comfortably and tells you how conscience (or long-term plans). On the one hand, it seems, have to thank a person who showed interest to you. On the other hand, if you see that person you do not care, why should this ballast? Very soon, Incidentally, it turns out, how sincere was his desire to be your friend. Do not leave your new friend from the followers – hence, it is interesting you are, but not excess in the number of followers edinichka (if your subscription response). With this just connected p.4 4. The tactics of 'defending'. Lakshman Achuthan has similar goals.

I signed on not so many people. The reason is simple: I do not aspire to it, do not breed activity to attract Frendo. I'm writing a little. Percentage of 80 cases of me immediately clear, I subscribe to answer or not. But it happens that once a decision is not accepted, it happens when I Follow a man who has just created an account and did not had time to manifest themselves, or when it is not clear that he / she is and from there hope that will soon be clearer. Then I return to this issue in a few days. At this point, if it was a 'hunter Tsiferki', it is otpishetsya from me, not having reciprocity, and if it was not clear that the soul in person, then the uncertainty will decrease, it will manifest itself in a 'plus' or a 'minus'. 5. Every 3-4 months, I break away from the ballast. In ballast, I can get fans to play mafia priglashalschiki in funky designs and the people abuse advertising (in small quantities, I forgive them, in large – even looking for other trainees). 6. I'm not unsubscribing to hear about interesting people and old friends. 7. I like 'sleeping' tvitteryan. Maybe I would like to hear them more often. Maybe I and miss a rare chance to tweet. But I am grateful for the fact that they tend to act on the case, weighing his words. 8. Listed. One of the indicators, which can draw attention – how many people have rights in their listy.Na it can not be rely entirely, but an extra dash to the portrait tvitteryanina he added. 9. Last on the list, but not the last in importance factor influencing my decision follovinge – a poster, in the profile, and the profile itself. If the site is worthy – I'm ready to turn a blind eye to much more. I'm not sure, but it is possible that some of my followers have made me conclude on my blog Buy me, please, mortar!, Which is dedicated to my children.