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December 15th, 2016

helped it to God against the filisteus and the Arabs who inhabited in Gur-Baal, and against meunitas.' ' 2 Chronicles 26:4 – 7 What Uzias finished receiving Mr. acts. through that people? – gifts; – respect; – its name was recognized for all the people; – divine ortaleza in its attitudes of construction of the land and warlike force in its armies of defense of its territory and reign; – it invested in technology in the war equipment. ' ' the amonitas had given to gifts the Uzias; its name was spread until the entered a of Egypt, because it was strenghtened highly. Also Uzias built towers in Jerusalem, to the door of the esquina, and to the door of the valley, and to the door of the angle, it strenghtened and them. ECRI addresses the importance of the matter here. Also it built towers in the desert, and dug many wells, because it had much cattle, as much in the valleys as in the campinas; it had farmers, and vinhateiros, in mounts and the fertile fields; because he was friend of agriculture. It also had Uzias an army of dexterous men in the war, who left to the war in troops, according to number of the summary made for hand of Jeiel, the notary, and Maasias, officer, under the direction of Hananias, one of the captains of the king.

The total of the heads of the parents, brave men, was of two a thousand and six hundred. underneath of its orders had a warlike army of three hundred and seven a thousand and five hundred men, who made the war with belicosa force, to help the king against the enemies. prepared Uzias, for all the army, shields, spears, helmets, harnesses and arcs, and until deep shooting rocks. Also it made in Jerusalem machines of the invention of engineers, who were in the towers and the cantos, to shoot arrows and great rocks; propagated its fame until very far; because wonderfully it was helped, until it was strenghtened.