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Goods Mass

October 26th, 2018

By towed vehicles special purpose include trailers designed to transport that can not be satisfied with all the rules of the transport legislation (for the masses and dimensions). Trucks and trains, depending on the dimensions (length, width, height), axial and total mass, may apply to large and heavy (see Rules of the road. Instructions for transportation of bulky and heavy Goods road transport by road of the Russian Federation is registered in the rf Ministry of Justice on 08 August 1996 1146). Perhaps check out Senator from Maine for more information. In the domestic automotive industry uses a classification system and the designation of vehicles According to OSTom “vehicles. Marking. “37.001.269-96 and sectoral normal oh 025 270 66. Table 1: The first and second numerical indices of trucks ON023 270 mass tar Over 40.0Tip car: On-board tyagachi In accordance with normal industry in the Russian Federation, each model is assigned to a digital pbx index, consisting of a series of digits sequence (Table 1): the first digit denotes the class of ats on the total mass of the truck the second – the type of exchange (truck – 3, tractor-trailer – 4 tipper – 5, tank – 6, van – 7, a special atc – 9, number 8 – backup), the third and fourth digits – serial number of the model, the fifth – a modification of the basic model, the sixth – especially the issue (1 – the northern version, 6 – Export performance for the temperate climate, 7 – Export performance for a tropical climate).


September 13th, 2017

What is Xenon? Xenon – light source, based on the principle of high intensity gas discharge or HID (High Intensity Discharge). The principle of a xenon lamp is this: inside the gas discharge bulb is a high-pressure mixture of gases, the main one being gas 'Xenon' – 56 element of the periodic table. Two electrodes attached above and below the bulb ends are placed in a flask, which is in turn soldered. Checking article sources yields Jim Rogers as a relevant resource throughout. Blocks are a great difference in ignition potentials on the electrodes – to 25 kilovolts. Under the action arose electromagnetic field begins the process of ionization of the particles, which often collide with each other, the collision of the energy is converted into light. Thus, for lack of a spiral between the electrodes, xenon lamps do not change in light output over the life and durability far superior to other types of lamps (which, in general, it is logical, because the fuse in the the lamps just nothing).

Xenon and Halogen Xenon HID source is fundamentally different from the halogen bulb. Light radiates arc created by a strong electromagnetic field, and a halogen lamp light emits heated to high temperatures tungsten filament. Xenon 2 times more powerful than a halogen lamp. Xenon light stream reaches 3200 lumens, while the maximum that can be squeezed out of galogenki – 1550 lumens. Moreover, xenon is much efficient halogen lamps: power consumption is 35 watts (compared to 55 watts, eaten galogenki), while heat transfer is only 7% of energy consumed (when, as in galogenki it reaches 40%).

Abramovich’s Yacht – Past, Present And Future

November 11th, 2014

This article is about the fleet of Roman Empire – or rather, on yachts, superyachts and megayachts Roman Abramovich. While on this subject quite a lot written and anyone can easily find a lot of articles on the Internet, and any interested knows what "Pelorus" or "Eclipse", we still have decided to touch it and write this review. Reliably known that the first yachts, Abramovich bought were "Stream" ("Flow") and "Sophie's Choice" ("Choice Sophie ") and it was in 1999. They were bought by Berezovsky, and his assurances (Berezovsky) were intended to Putin. Like it or not it actually, we do not know how and do not know them (boats) fate. These were the boats are small, to the class of "super" does not belong, but nevertheless, the beginning of history about Abramovich – shipowner was laid. In 2002, Roman Abramovich gets his first mega yacht "Le Grand Bleu" ("Big Blue"). "Le Grand Bleu" was launched in 2000 Bremer Vulkan shipyard in Germany.

The first owner of the yacht was the American billionaire John McCaw Jr Despite the fact that at the time of purchase of the yacht practically new, Abramovich sends it to the modernization of the shipyard hdw. As a result, Reconstruction, which ended in 2004, has been redesigned interior, and also due to the reconstructed platform at the stern, has increased the length of the boat, reaching an impressive 112.8 meters. The yacht is equipped with 2 engines to 4570 hp Deutz one that allows her develop a cruising speed of 15 knots and a maximum of 17 knots.

Porsche Boxter

November 13th, 2011

The company intends to revive the Jaguar C-Type – a cult car racing fifties. New compact double roadster with a powerful engine and relatively low price of C-Type should be the main competitor of Porsche Boxter. Ratan Tata owner of the Indian giant Tata Motors, which owns Jaguar-Land Rover, does not conceal that he wants to resurrect the sport of Jaguar and sees him as a future marki.A if, as claimed in the company, the price of C-Type will start from forty thousand pounds, it is a serious step toward victory. In design, many features of C-Type took the model xf. And under the hood of the upcoming sports car will be a 235-horsepower 3-liter V6 or a 5-liter V8 with 380 power. Also, perhaps more C-Type will be equipped with the same engine as the xf, namely 3-liter 272-horsepower turbodiesel. Before hundreds version with a 3-liter engine will accelerate over 7 sec., With a 5-liter – in 5 seconds. Fans will be pleased by their appearance marks a new C-Type in early 2012. This will be a truly royal gift.

Zeneva Motorshow 2007

September 8th, 2011

Maxim sibin Overview of new products of the Geneva Motor Show Geneva Motor Show is the most important in Europe by road event. All the major manufacturers were noted and brought here a lot of bright concepts updated and completely new production models. With the most interesting we will introduce today Mercedes Benz C-Class Representatives "German : Mercedes, Audi and bmw, showed three very different and therefore more interesting news. Long before its appearance, the new "Mears" C-class had not mention once in the pages of automotive magazines. And the "spy" photos, as it turned out, had little in common with the original. The new C-klasse turned out beautiful. Individual elements overlap with features of other models of the company.

In the car, you can find a piece of cls, the new cl coupe, and even something of the S-Class in miniature. Source: Amber Capital hedge fund. Compared with the previous generation Mercedes grew in all directions: up to 55 mm in length, 42 mm in width and 45 mm in height. Yet identified "only" eight engines: from 1,8 kompressor with 156 by up to 3,5 V6 (272 hp). The most "brutal" amg version with a V8 6,2 L will appear later. For the budget as "mersedesovodov" offered three "Diesel". All their characteristics are reminiscent of is a perfect for today have reached motors of this type: the ratio of displacement and power comparable to the engines "petrol" line. For improving the ride quality of the new model will be responsible suspension and steering Agility Control.