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Volkswagen Service

January 20th, 2020

When a Volkswagen named symbiotic pair of expressions in German – Folks and Vagen, people and cars. Affordable car was originally an idea for all people, was intended to be a full-fledged leader market to enter, you can tell, if not in every cottage, then in every garage. And we must assume that Volkswagen has achieved this goal. In fact, cheap and reliable car showed its advantages, not only the best way to quality highways, but also on our roads. Gain insight and clarity with Michael Schwartz. Of course, the first on the economic territory of the former Soviet Union began to penetrate no new cars as well, so to speak, second-hand.

That is now repaired VW cars are special in dealerships and is fully carried out with the replacement of consumable items and other small components. But in the early 1990s co-operatives were hiding in the garage mechanics, which restored completely finished off severe accident and really unfit for consumption from age machine. However, since there were largely inaccessible to the Soviet car owners car air conditioners, elektropodemniki for windscreens. And, besides – of course, the automatic gearbox. And in those days, VW automatic transmission repair was significantly more economical and promised a few more high-quality results than use of local production of "Lada", or the Volga, not to mention "The Cossacks" and "Moskvich". To broaden your perception, visit Jonah Shacknai. It shows customers of Volkswagen spilled the Soviet Union, what it means to look simple and absolutely affordable car in the Western sense. Probably because so quickly broke the great one-sixth of the land ', which demanded the production of cars, as queens, frequent stay in the garage of the owner. Moreover, not only near, but even constant technical attention.

Absolutely spectacular was the hero of many jokes, but it is no secret to fun stories you can estimate the ratio to a particular object or product version. Volkswagen is real darling of Russian cars. Also recommend to note that repair VW Passat b5 or every other well-known auto Folskvagena many times cheaper than a car service or made in Japan American cars from the United States. But it is no secret that the cost of service, of course, fundamentally important.


October 3rd, 2019

In Russia, the two problems. It fools and roads. Quite a bold statement, but, unfortunately, very truthful. More than a sore is the second problem, as it directly affects us all. And it leaves an unpleasant impression among foreign people. To solve any problem, one must first understand its suti.Rech is not only the hideous quality of highways which are Russian, but also about their capacity and number of vehicles, creating problems for many drivers and pedestrians. For example not far to seek, it suggests itself: Moscow.

That is what the city is our country to foreign persons and is an indicator of Russia in the international arena. The question of how to get through the streets of Moscow are set almost all people, from guests, ending with the residents of this city. Often the road from home to work takes several hours, What are the fault of many kilometers of traffic jams and all sorts of delays on the roads. However, many forget this simple but highly reliable solution, as the automotive map of Moscow. Today, road atlas comes in very handy format and execution. It is fairly compact, simple and easy to use, and thus is very useful. Of course, someone might argue that Moscow's route map will not be able to sufficiently assist the driver in selecting a route.

Naturally, electronic navigation systems are an excellent replacement, but not everyone has access to such a complex and expensive equipment. That is why the road atlas Roads cities of our country and state as a whole – the most effective weapon Russian motorists. It is the automotive map of Russia won the hearts of travelers, and ordinary car owners as the most accessible, effective and efficient way to find the necessary marshrutov.V if you do not want to wander the tangled trails of the capital, when you need as quickly as possible to get to a certain place, you can not do without assistance. You should not think long about what you can do everything to help. Just open the road map of Moscow to find the shortest path.

Tow Trucks

April 30th, 2019

The car company "Seagull-Service recently released a new tow truck, equipped with a platform for the direct type, shaved and hydraulic manipulator. To improve the technical qualities of a tow truck was used by the vehicle chassis KAMAZ-4308. Design and manufacture of the tow truck can in the future to save significant amounts of money on transport vehicles. Construction of a new towing equipped platform, Brill and hydraulic manipulator, allows make the evacuation of two cars, with the total weight of 7.2 tonnes, as well as to evacuate by using a partial load, not just cars, but little light trucks (Zubrenok, calf) and buses which earlier had been evacuated with the help of heavy towing. Swarmed by offers, Economic Cycles Research Institute is currently assessing future choices. The cost of a new tow truck on chassis KAMAZ-4308 slightly more than three million rubles, which is much smaller than the domestic heavy towing, which is worth ten million rubles. Using the chassis KAMAZ-4308 in the manufacture of evacuation was no accident. All flawless performance KamAZ. Kamaz company, location where located in the city of Naberezhnye Chelny, tirelessly working to improve the quality of their products.

All the latest models of trucks are equipped with Kamaz spare parts for foreign manufacturers – leaders of the world engineering. For example, a car KAMAZ-4308 on the basis of which produced a new model has a tow truck in its complete set of such spare parts: Engine Cummins B5.9 180 CIV-0 (Series Euro 2) produced by the American company Cummins, famous their diesel engines. Another important spare parts used by KAMAZ – it's gearbox ZF, manufactured by the German concern ZF – the best manufacturer of transmissions. In addition, the chassis KAMAZ-4308 were equipped with air suspension-known company Wabco. Air suspension well-proven in operation evacuation. Use of components of a quality product reduces roll the car and its sagging when fully loaded. It should be noted that in the manufacture of a new model of a tow truck was used in its complete set of the best spare parts for automobiles KAMAZ makes these machines are reliable, easy to maintain and economical. Read the full article "hauler chassis KAMAZ-4308 '

Multimedia Center

September 12th, 2018

Among the many representatives of the car multimedia centers with GPS-navigation is easy to see the division into two main "camps." The first is a universal device format 2DIN, designed to installation in vehicles equipped with full-time places in this format, regardless of the model. Such multi-media centers are characterized by an impressive array of functional equipment, aimed primarily at building in the car theater system: high-resolution screens, the ability to read various sources of multimedia content. Navigation capabilities in such devices are offered as an optional feature. More information is housed here: Uber. It does not mean that the navigation is limited functions, on the contrary – everything is implemented properly, in most cases the cards are included. The next type of multimedia stations with navigation – this device for installation in a concrete model cars instead of regular. This implies two main requirements for the device. First, it must fully staff the unit repeat outwardly to provide an aesthetic integration factory interior of the car.

Secondly, the modern car – a very complex system, where everything is interconnected, and staffing the unit often had responsibilities not related to multimedia. Accordingly, "Replacement" must fully comply with these duties, that is, to integrate not only into the interior, and a full-time and in electronics. It is with such device can be made a minimum auto tuning price in this case would be as generally small. Why are media centers are in demand, what are their arguments to the owner of the car threw a staff unit and paid the money for a new one? This, above all, greatly expanded functionality, giving users many more options.

Premium List

March 25th, 2018

Thus, we get a lot of refills of various origins, united by a fairly short list of brands. In order not to squander on a detailed consideration of multiple stations, restrict the list of the most common in St. Petersburg: Lukoil, PTK, Neste, Phaeton, Shell, Aero. This list could theoretically include Slavneft and increasingly popular Kirishiavtoservice, but still these companies are more peripheral position. Learn more at: Angus King. The difference between the major fuel companies is not only in policy formation in gasoline prices – a measure of such a highly ambiguous, because, as mentioned in the article, under one brand can sell a completely different organization, each of which establishes its cost of production. The price difference is more obvious when compared to petrol stations Len. Region and St.

Petersburg in the city spread is not as obvious, and sometimes value is more and quality of services. Goop has much to offer in this field. The issue of service is considered separately. It has long ceased to be gas stations just a place for the shortage of gasoline – the movement of the Western path of development of trade causes the gas station owners to expand the range of services offered. In the context of a call for additional service, the introduction of criteria classification is appropriate – all the petrol stations are divided into Econom, Medium and Premium grades. Fueling the economy class today are hard to find. With the release of the Russian market of European institutions became apparent that the presence of at least modest mini-markets can increase the loyalty of car ownership, so all of the major Russian players in this market quickly began to modernize its gas station.

Tilt Up

December 9th, 2016

Often the foreign partner visited Russia as part of numerous delegations – in this case the additional services business includes the ability to order a taxi a few cars of one model. To guests in his spare time, from business meetings to appreciate the beauty of the city streets, landmarks, look at the remarkable places, you can use this service as a custom driver-guide, which will provide excursion. In addition, employees of the business taxis can book a hotel room, the customer need only specify the requirements for the number and the date must be booked in a hotel room. The advantages of a personal vehicle that is selected in the taxi business choosing a car for every taste, in different parts of the road you will feel comfortable. Cars, taxis provided by the business, have a comfortable chair with Tilt Up front headrests, folding rear seats, air conditioning in the cabin. The security of all available cars is high: anti-lock brakes (ABS) ensure effective braking, cars are equipped with air bags and have an intelligent occupant protection (protection on impact, greatly reduces the risk of injury). And with the onboard computer the driver is always be aware of the parameters of your vehicle.

In addition, the car provided by the taxi business is insured for risks CTP (compulsory third party liability insurance) and AUTOCASCO (insurance includes a set of insurance risks – "Damage" and "theft"). Full responsibility for any damage takes the carrier. Cars for special occasions taxi business is not only suitable for business meetings, but also for maintenance of solemn events: weddings, birthdays, etc. Choosing a car for ceremonial purposes, ordering the decoration of the tuple, you get a guarantee that your holiday will be full of enthusiastic views and unforgettable emotions. Employees of the taxi business will take care of your movements on the roads of the city with the highest comfort and safety! Business taxi – this is exactly what you want the business person. Provided auto emphasize the high status, and additional services will help the organization meet and save valuable time, which is important for business people.

Courier Services And Delivery In Moscow

July 26th, 2016

Recently, Moscow has a lot of courier services. One gets the impression that everyone needs couriers and courier services. And really, who needs the courier services? Only if large firms are services offered by courier services? In fact, in Moscow, a large number of online stores that need a daily delivery in Moscow. Have their own couriers is not profitable in the first place economically. Imagine, a young shop online, or a small company who need to deliver various cargo or mail once a week, maybe two, three.

But even if the goods are delivered once a day, and then obtained is not profitable. It is much easier to contact the courier delivery service that easily will take to deliver your cargo to any point of Moscow and Moscow region. And prices for delivery in Moscow are quite acceptable. So really makes sense to use the services of couriers, and contact the courier on delivery to Moscow and the region. A regular Muscovites and guests of the capital, we need a courier? And why not? Why drag in grocery store, or go to a restaurant? Now all this can be ordered online, and courier service shops, restaurants, and various companies, fast and mostly free, will carry out delivery in Moscow different loads. And even if this shop is not in the presence of free carrier, you can try to turn themselves in courier. Absolutely all courier companies in Moscow with both the legal and the physical individuals, which makes express delivery much easier and more affordable for ordinary citizens. I myself have always used the services of courier companies, and recently cut a circle and take refuge only to the already proven and reliable partners.

The Bike, Produced In Belarus

January 19th, 2012

During the Soviet Union's production of motorcycles stood at a very high level, and everyone in the factory producing motorcycle was an honor to go to their work. Motorcycles sold well while on the periphery, for agricultural industry workers in the sample. Manufacturers of motorcycles around the union lacked – Motorbike Minsk, Java, Iz, Ural, Dnepr. But the example we give in his – Minsk motorcycle – which is still produced in Minsk in Belarus. Motorbike Minsk – a motorcycle light, road class, designed for driving on a paved road. The first motorcycle under the marking M1 appeared at the factory in 1951, they produced more than 7 million units over the next years. Furthermore, a new model of the modified and redesigned by marking M1M.

Further, it was a family of motorcycle markings M101 M106 … until 1973. Then changed and labeling name motorcycle look like this: MMVZ-3.111 – a model of motorcycle in 1974 with four gears and a top speed of 90 km / h then it was a lot of different versions of motorcycles that have worked well on the road Belarus, as unpretentious and driving motorcycles. From auto parts questions will never arise, as in the store they always have been. And closer to our time, in 2008, were issued sport version with reinforced shock absorbers, frame and of course the engines, called Minsk 125 Sport. You can buy now from the official representative or directly at the factory in Belarus. Minsk motorcycle forever remembered Belarusians as their workhorse chassis on the road and roads of Belarus, who helped raise the country after World War II and build it in the future. Motorcycle "Minsk" is still evolving and are exported to many countries around the world.

Opel Agila Electric Power Steering

January 12th, 2012

Opel Agila New from the company, "Opel" is shown at the Geneva Motor Show in spring 2000. The car, designed to perfect a new direction for the European firm. New 'Opel Agila' – is, in essence, is another structure on the basis of which is the 'Suzuki-Vegon R +'. Only motors – opelevskie 'Ecotech', already familiar from the updated model 'Corsa' 1.0-liter three-cylinder (58 hp) and 1.2-liter four-cylinder (75 hp) of mounted 5-speed manual box transmission. 'Opel Agila' has a length of 3.5 meters in general – is one centimeter shorter than the 'Corsa', 1.62 meters wide, only 1.66 meters tall and is made for four people. Luggage capacity – 248 liters.

The rear seat is fit for parts. When completely folded seat capacity up to 598 liters of luggage, making it almost ideal cargo space – in this respect Aguila – the standard of Cubist design. The standard software includes Opel Agila Electric Power Steering control, driver's airbag and seatbelt retractors. Audio system nominally not be put – only the upper set and for a fee. In the central part of the instrument panel display board demolished information devices.

In the car Opel Agila original way Chuck decided to design – the big headlights, original design – innovation in style, not inherent in the company earlier 'Opel'. Rare on mikrovenah 14 tidyuymovye wheel dimensions 155/65-R14 on unique alloy wheels also contribute to the image of the car. Opel Agila car is equipped with steel wheels or alloy. Modifications upholstery – not so numerous.

Selling a Car

November 15th, 2011

Urgent buy cars – a service that can be compressed in time to get in your car is quite good dengi.Drugimi words, the firm makes the service term buy car, to fully open the scheme for you buy cars at very good conditions. As a result, the redemption of all the car makes a happy, and us, and the owner of a fine avto.Chtoby evaluate our services, such as buying cars, buying a broken car and urgent purchase of cars and well as their good value, look at two issues: the need to sell a car in good condition, and cars, broken in the accident. Redemption Secondhand cars in very good condition, which the owner is able to sell cars itself, for example, by giving notice in a newspaper, the better you will get market price for the car, just not making the search more good buyer. Yes, and Pre-delivery car can spend some money. And they may even and do not pay off. While the car does not require the purchase of guided light avto.Nasha avtovykup company simply does not make it very important that we look at the more interesting characteristics of the car, rather than made blesk.Nashi experts to make free inspection and auto, and most importantly, an excellent assessment of the vehicle, and convenient for you to watch.

This is, properly, will help you understand how a car can actually make money. And maybe just to save a lot of time and effort. Above all, this service is as urgent buy a car, can greatly help you in case you decide to immediately sell their avto.Predlagaya avtovykup buying cars, the company in any case consistently and openly to you, do all the procedures. In up to the moment you call us and arrange an appointment to receive money for cars can go only a little time. That very well in the event that you urgently need money. Redemption car can solve all problems associated with the complexity of selling cars (just the auto market packed with proposals to sell cars), and so is the goal of quick money for the ransom avtomobil.Predlagaya broken car, we buy them in a different state. And even if you can not even think that this “scrap heap”, which was once a car, can anyone who is interested, know that buying a car, offered by our firm – this is exactly the case.