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The Quantum Leap – Why Not In The Stars Look?

September 17th, 2023

The importance of astrology by top astrologer Stephanie Kirchner. An informative post about current events and the general understanding of astrology are still divided responses to horoscopes, astrologers & co. A large part of the population reads his horoscope in the current daily press regularly, but who really believes in the statements of this fringe science? The astrologer Stephanie Kirchner informs astrology in their post about the critical comments to the fringe science. What it has the astrology is and can you believe the statements of an astrologer? A critical question who deals with astrology, know that she work, replies Stephanie Kirchner, psych. Consultant, mediator and astrologer. Official site: cornell capital. She has worked for 16 years in the field of counseling and has accumulated experience and teaching an in-depth knowledge. She knows the pros and cons, every profession and every talent with it brings.

Hardly anyone has the time and the interest to deal with, so intensely with this topic that he can use the statements of the transits for themselves. There remains only the gang to the astrologers, continues Stephanie Kirchner. In a personal opinion, the initiator of the online magazine spirit & life discussed the meaning and purpose of astrologers and the glimpse into the future: we know about the current day horoscopes, that they have a slight entertainment value and are effective mainly as affirmation and suggestion. A Council or note to be careful, gives the reader the feeling to be personally addressed in an impersonal and informative product like the newspaper. It also leaves a positive effect if the note is possibly negative.

First of all a social allowance for the reader, which is perceived and therefore also read by many as a pleasant due to horoscopes. That has little to do with faith. Now, the question is of course to the determination: why tends the man to assign a type to the different variety of existing or to carry out a classification of a particular group? Meaning and purpose It is to keep track of, to establish a certain order to obtain information more quickly about this categorization.