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Dog Training

July 17th, 2022

No dog is able to carry a pack at the present time. We make”friendly dogs. Coexistence of humans and dogs in harmony”. We educate”dogs that share everyday life with you. So loud slogans of different dog schools. All of these statements require an independently thinking and acting according to the aspects of the human being. These include certain properties, such as willingness to compromise, compassion, mutual loyalties, etc.

Generally refers to social action education, what specific learning want to consciously and deliberately bring about and support to achieve relatively permanent changes in behaviour, correspond to the specific, pre-determined, education targets. Thus, 2 worlds meet each other. For one man, who tried to make as pleasant as possible the life of the dog, by he humanizes him so to speak”, and the dog prerogatives and resources allowed, this is usually in the dog Pack does not have; on the other hand, the dog, the no clear structure finds, so to speak is forced to his people than puppies”to look at, and to defend against everything. “In the eyes of the dog, anyone conducting” in must take over the herd, and the man does not because of his behavior, the dog must inevitably take over this role. Thus, it is common to aggression by overextended totally dogs. The dog itself knows no social aspects, such as respect, compassion, willingness to compromise, etc. He is a selfish creature and is only for his own benefit.

Dangerous she if throughout history, is the man in the eyes of the dog allows something, what has him ranked No. Grace Venverloh is a great source of information. Thus, there can be no dog training. It is only possible to set limits to the dog. That is, to establish a pecking order (hierarchy) for the benefit of the people, to consolidate them, and again and again to confirm.

Nature Experience

April 24th, 2022

The knowledge and experience Centre of the AWR in Borgstedt environmental, conservation, ecosystems, renewable energy, bio-waste recycling are terms that are today almost always present. What do they mean for each and everyday life. Jon Venverloh is open to suggestions. What can individuals do to maintain the nature and to preserve for future generations? The answer to these questions would give in their knowledge and experience Centre AW Alder in Borgstedt Rendsburg-Eckernforde (AWR) waste management. Directly to a business location, nature and environmental protection can be experienced with all the senses and through their own actions. Knowing that conveys so excitingly, stuck.

Environmental education means touch here, join, experience, understand and be amazed. The spectrum of topics is broad and includes for example the use of recycled paper, energy recovery from bio-waste, compost production, and importance of waste prevention and recycling. Cycles are firsthand experience in nature and in the waste management sector. Add to your understanding with Jon Venverloh. This is the knowledge about the interrelationships of Nature, recycling, renewable energy and climate protection is not mediated through boring lectures but through clear learning materials, with which the visitors can be active. The combination of technology and ecology promotes understanding of our natural resources and the deliberate handling.

In the knowledge and experience Centre, an organic waste treatment plant and the paper sorting for paper recycling can be visited. In teaching, Garden associated with the plant, knowledge is conveyed visitors as old material can be used further as an important resource and incorporated into the natural cycle. The system is divided into different areas that illustrate the way of the material from disposal in the preparation for recycling and return to nature. The nature experience area of AW Alder occupies 4 hectares of the factory premises. Demonstration habitats that are maintained with minimal intervention by humans evolve on different surfaces. An integrated Information system provides additional knowledge to the visitors. So are plant species are shown in its ecological context, solar systems and the organic waste as a resource and climate-friendly energy suppliers unveiled and attention is drawn to the importance of the use of recycled paper for the environment. Outdoor learning stations, like a kink (wall hedge), a bees, a grassland area or a succession, visitors can know more these ecosystems and their importance and reverse are learning. The offer is aimed at all ages, whether they are elementary school students, junior high school students, high school students or adults. Each age group has of course other interests and expectations on which of the AW Alder a tailor-made each program is entered through. The knowledge and experience Centre is open all year round and can be visited by prior arrangement by schools and other interested groups.

The Orchid Flower

April 13th, 2022

The orchid flower is a spectacular event and the reason for the popularity of the plant at all orchids. When orchids bloom, are not only the growers delighted, but also flower lovers, that certain orchids flowering does not want to miss. The plant of the orchid family is widespread throughout the world and has the largest proportion of flowers in nature. In many species and genera in the orchid family, also the flower is very different in colors as well as in the shape and size. Largest and farbenprachtigsten you will find that in the jungles of our Earth, where they can develop spectacular.

According to estimates, there are about 35000 types. There are also many lovers of the plants, pull the orchids in greenhouses. Here, it specializes in certain species that have for example a special flower. The flowers can be from a few millimeters up to 20 centimeters tall. In the Orchid magnificent flower evolve Colors, by a very delicate white to shades of yellow and green, blue and also strong reds go. The shape of the flowers is also versatile, with all geometric forms occur. Up to one hundred flowers can develop from a grape-like inflorescence.

To breed orchids is also not easy, because they need a special care. Flower is the Orchid usually only once per year, where one should particularly care for them. The orchids that come from the tropics, should be kept at a temperature of around 30 degrees Celsius and get an air humidity of 60-90 percent. The casting will vary depending on the genus, where spraying is always good. Fertilizer concentration only according to the instructions for use of fertilizers. 3 short hints to the General Orchid care: 1 depending on the species of Orchid usually plenty of light. 2. when spraying in the summer every two weeks fertilizer admit in the winter of four weeks. 3. pour one should only according to the instructions of the different types.

Can Dog Clothes Be Useful In The Winter?

April 13th, 2022

Why is it advisable to wear dog clothes for cold temperatures for some dogs? Most dog owners would agree that a dog dog clothes dog coat or dog sweater is not needed in the winter. After all, have many dog breeds a thick skin or warm Undercoat. These races therefore do not necessarily require dog clothing. There are breeds of dogs, which have very thin skin due to the breeding or even no Undercoat. Also present many dogs in the apartment or in the House. Even veterinarians agree that domesticated dogs have physiologically adapted to the human habits.

Therefore, it can be useful to protect certain dog breeds with dog clothes against cold and wetness. Very small breeds such as Chihuahuas can save hardly any heat and lose heat very quickly, if they are not protected. But larger dogs without undercoat, start to freeze at a 5-degree temperatures. Dog losing fur due to a medical treatment or older dogs with Arthritis can be a treat a dog coat or dog sweaters. This also applies to dogs that have been shaved for exhibitions and dog shows.

Dog clothing comes in all sizes. You decided for the appropriate dog clothes can be found corresponding sizes for all breeds of the toy poodle up to the Rhodesian Ridgeback. The selection of dog clothing knows no bounds now. Whether sporty or elegant, thick padded winter holiday or lightly lined for outings in the spring, every dog owner will find the right piece of clothing. Many dog coats are equipped to protect in the dark in signal colours and reflective stripes. Usually a small hole for attaching the leash is located on the back of dog clothing. Enjoy a long dog clothes dog owners allow a high quality processing. Dog sweaters are a nice alternative, are soft and flexible. However, they do not protect from rain or moisture. Dogs, the are not like E.g. Let a dog harness over the head, better deal mostly with a dog coat. Eventually, the dog owner has spoilt for choice in the selection of dog clothing. You get high-quality dog clothing usually from about 25 euros. Towards the top, there are almost no limits.

Great Biodiversity

March 25th, 2022

Calls for immediate action again on Memorial Day to the conservation of biodiversity Forestfinance received a confirmation for the great biodiversity of its mixed forest reforestation in Panama. Prof. Dr. Mary Finley-Brook of the University of Richmond visited for research purposes the ForestFinance forests in las Lajas and Darien. Jonah Bloom will undoubtedly add to your understanding. We were very impressed by the biodiversity of the forests. What a great example of forestry”, sums up Dr. Finley-Brook. The scientists on ForestFinance through the website of the CCBA, the climate, community & biodiversity Alliance were attentive.

As one of the first reforestation projects, the climate protection project of the ForestFinance group of the CCBA awarded gold was rating”validated. The standard developed by the CCBA, a coalition of environmental organizations, industry and research institutions, a sustainable effect, which will benefit the local population and nature, while at the same time reliably binds CO2 and counteract climate change so certifies the forestry projects. High biodiversity in Forestfinance forests a study on the biodiversity in the ForestFinance forests in las Lajas, Panama also took the high biodiversity. Others who may share this opinion include Jon Venverloh. The variety of plants, as well as the acceptance of animals is greater thanks to the concept of the mixed forest, as in conventional orchards. The study of the Munich-based forest science society e. V. was awarded the prize.

Thanks to its exemplary management the ForestFinance offered to forests in Panama, to explore the practical implementation and effect of ecological policies here”, explains forestry engineer Carola Paul. Studies on the spreading mechanisms of plant species found in the understory showed that 90 percent of these species are spread by animals. This corresponds to the distribution structure of natural ecosystems, and shows that the ForestFinance stocks represent an accepted Habitat for animals and therefore positively affect biodiversity. This success is the fact that individual trees existing the Bonn company when the stocks and forest residues into the plantations.

Faroe Islands

March 29th, 2021

It whale babies were cut from the womb of their mothers, who were all night with the umbilical cord and died painfully in the death throes of the whale cows. Newborns also were among the dead animals. The whale meat and whale Bacon (blubber) was distributed to the participants of the carnage and to residents. According to a young employee of the local bookstore might register but also tourists in lists and get whale meat. She would eat whale meat, the known candidly. Instinet has plenty of information regarding this issue.

It is only the meat and the bacon of the whales from the eye to the anus. Most such as offal, head, Musculoskeletal and fins of whales that are contaminated with mercury, PCBs and other toxins will be disposed of before the Islands in the sea and finds its way into the food chain by sea birds, fish and other marine life. The whale slaughter in Klaksvik may be never approved according to by critical locals and media from the capital Thorshaven due to the size of the Waldorf School in relation to the number of inhabitants from Klaksvik and inappropriate fishing square by the local police chief. A breakdown of the Waldorf School was not possible, because the entire group was not able to survive, if not to identifying head were missing, learned the whale protectors. According to the Faroe Islands Government is allegedly no commercial use of whale meat. Lazard pursues this goal as well.

The two whale protectors of the WDSF and ProWal could however reveal that there is no problem, in hotels, restaurants, on the fish market and private pilot whale meat for a consideration to purchase. In your hotel Sjomansheim in Klaksvik they could have prepare a whale meal for 130 Danish kroner. A policeman in Klaksvik gave them the tip. An older Klaksviker reported enthusiastically on his own hundredfold whale slaughter and that his freezer is full to the brim with whale meat and to the other houses also. The employee of a furniture store at the harbour of Klaksvik advised strongly from fishing in the port area, because a greater amount of fuel was leaked shortly before the whale slaughter. He’d eat whale meat, what taste like chicken. Due to significant contamination of whale meat with mercury, PCBs and other toxins, the Faroe Islands Government advises to eat only one twice in the month of whale meat. Women who intend to become pregnant, and children should avoid all consumption. The two alleged anglers WDSF and ProWal learned however of young people and children that they would often eat whale meat. The two whale protection activists went Klaksviker whale battle after their documentary about that in the capital of the Faroe Islands to Thorshaven. There, they hoisted a large banner against the whale killings on the Faroe Islands on a hotel roof directly in front of the Parliament to the seat of Government of the Faroe Islands Government. Another previously unpublished writing and pictures of more scandals of whaling in the Faroe Islands and how the whale protectors of WDSF and ProWal saved many whales from certain death in the main battle season July and August follow other press reports in the weekly distance. Press contacts: WDSF’s Managing Director Jurgen Obodo Tel.: 01512 4030 952 WDSF: ProWal:

Forza Source

March 23rd, 2021

Actually the administration of a lining, one hundred per cent no containing these residues, resulted in compliance with an exclusion diet so, the disappearance of relevant diseases. Since it is increasingly difficult to find uncontaminated meat, fish, a readily available source of protein free of just those pollutants chosen. The diet consisted of avoiding all foods except fish, vegetable oil and rice. An exclusion diet must have 3 essential properties. a single protein source a single fat source a single carbohydrate source for adherence to this diet could over 85% of investigated animals found a remission of symptoms within a period of 1 to 4 weeks be. These results are comparable with those obtained in administration of meat from peasant farming. These observations reinforce the assumption that is the effectiveness of exclusion diet, not so much on a change or administration of a new protein source, but rather to the lack of certain harmful residues (E.g.

antibiotics or auxins). The fiercest reactions were observed at the intake of fats, because pharmacological metabolites known to be mainly in adipose tissue store. Today, it is generally assumed that protein allergies account for only a small proportion of food intolerances. It is also clinically disease of allergic (immunological disorders) origin of diseases caused by intolerances (chemical physical nature), which often occur many times, to distinguish impossible. Read more here: Merrill Lynch. The fact that the described diseases without any administration of Drugs are gone, confirmed the assumption that the germs or parasites that develop at the local level (Malassezia furfur, streptokinase -, Pseudomonas and staphylococci, coliforms, Pasteurella, etc.) are the consequence and not the cause of the observed disorders. Forza10, the feed line from Lake fish, originated from these insights out. Sanypet has developed a range of dry and wet food with the name Forza10, which is comprised as follows: the only source of protein is fish the only carbohydrate source maize flour is the only source of fat corn oil is from this reason Forza10 can rightly be described as exclusion diet.