Stocks Astound Investors

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) After their recent nosedive, the crude oil prices in a slight upward trend have returned to LEIPZIG. (Ceto) Crude oil prices in a slight upward trend are returned to their recent nosedive. The commodity exchanges reported yesterday at times quotations of under 76 dollars (WTI) and under $99 (Brent), the contracts in the early trading today for 82 or 105 dollars were traded. The volatility is likely to remain first get; nothing is safe on the stock markets at present. The impetus for rising prices came yesterday from the U.S. inventory data of the American Petroleum Institute. Due to the economic situation, market participants actually originated by increasing stocks. Announcing the figures, the significant reduction of in crude oil inventories surprised however, also diesel, heating oil and gasoline were less.

Investors now waiting for the details of the energy authority DOE. However: The fundamental economic and financial problems, which became acute during the last few weeks, change also some barrels more or less nothing. “People can dream but a world up, in which certain problems are hidden. Esyoil expert Dr. Klaus Bergmann to judge the financial scene is definitely able to”. In the short term, but in addition he sees “Some downside potential” in the development of price – despite commodity speculators. But first the local heating oil consumers must accept a small Downer in terms of slightly more appealing cover costs after days of bliss. The yesterday’s soaring of crude oil prices striking here…


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