Baltasar Garzon A

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I presume the innocence of Baltasar Garzon, like any other accused is not convicted by the courts. Under most conditions Mike Gianoni would agree. The only thing that disturbs me the crime of prevarication is likely that there is usually always Alfredo Perez, mustache, ready to give away a suit or a watch to see if he receives compensation Gabel. So too, I suspect whose generous funding courses and conferences such as those of Garzon. Nor were free received honorary doctorates years ago by the then banker Mario Conde, who get stopped after entering prison, but did not leave for it to be less clever than the previous day. And we are accustomed to favors, cronyism and collusion are the day our daily bread, be it a savings bank which cancels the debt of a related political party, which renews the unpaid loan by a counselor as Diaz Ferran, or crumbling finances works imposed by the regional president in office.

You do not have the drudgery of favors to materialize on the spot. The fact of such amounts to a kind of notice or reminder: "Today for you, tomorrow for me." That, although the recipient of the favor is more honest than a virgin and never go to pay in kind. This is what happens with Jose Bono, whose declaration of goods is of a pristine transparency. Now, it has received 700,000 euros for non-written memoir is not something that happens to them, neither together, Perez Reverte, Juan Marse and Antonio Gala. That such an act can occur without anyone to blush for it gives a proper view of the moral parameters in which we operate.


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