Loose Animal In Mendoza

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The Zoological Garden of the city of Mendoza is one of most important of Latin America. It was founded on 1903 on a project of the famous landscaper Carlos Thays, and originally one was near the Pulgarcito theater. In 1940, the construction of the new zoo of the city began, in its present location in the skirts of the Hill of the Gloria, in the Park San Martin, to minutes of the center and the main hotels of capital Mendoza. The project, signed by the architect Daniel Branches Strap, was very advanced and ambitious: the mendocino zoo inaugurated the concept of zoological garden of open doors . The location of the animal was in great semiabiertos spaces, that did not have grates, that tried to reproduce the more faithfully possible natural habitat of each species. And although at present this novel concept went away weakening with the construction of some cages, especially for dangerous animal, the Zoological Garden of the Park San Martin continues being a great stroll of attractive, one of the imperdibles of the vacations in Mendoza. The zoo counts today on a route of 6.5 km of extension populated with a fascinating colony of animal species.

Some native ones, other exotic ones and even in extinction danger. In its 48 hectares totally afforested they inhabit monkeys, polar birds, elephants, tigers, zebras, hippopotami, vixens, flames, vicunas and bears, to name only some of the 35 present species. It is as much what there is to see and to facinar themselves that to cross the zoo completely must consider 3 hours approximately. The personnel of the zoo, conscious of the importance of this stroll within the tourism in Mendoza, organized guided visits that they intend main to bring back to consciousness on the necessity to help to preserve the world-wide fauna and flora, taking care of the planet. In the Zoological one an educative program dedicated to the students of Natural Sciences exists and Biology. The enthusiastic diffusion on the part of the participants of this program, who distribute ad honorem promotional pamphlets in the schools and between those who spend their vacations in Mendoza, has turned to the zoo mendocino in a stroll forced for all that one that is, temp or permanently, in earth cuyanas. The Zoological Garden of the Hill of the Gloria remains open throughout the year, and his more than accessible tariffs they contemplate discounts for minors, educational and retired. A stroll that will the same make the great and small delights of.


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