The Capitalist

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They are new forms of organization of the capitalist process caused by the changes techniques that impactantes in the process of industrial mutation between firms. They are the new forms, imposing a destruction on the old form and generating a new, intra-system. To this process, SCHUMPETER (1984, pp. 112-113), it called ' ' destruction criativa' '. Who is the responsible economic agent for the changes techniques generates innovation impactando in the competition of the economic system and imposing a new dynamics to the capitalist process giving, and in this, new configurations? For SCHUMPETER (1988, P. 56), the changes techniques that result in innovation derive from the new forms of combination of production factors, vision innovative, capable to carry through new combinations, not necessarily tied with a sole proprietorship. The entrepreneur function is not inherited, this is defined from its action with capacity to take the handle new combinations and to influence in the process of capitalist competition. For SCHUMPETER (1988 and 1997), it fits to the capitalist, or banker, to offer capitals to stimulate entrepreneur so that this creative promotes the promotion of the economic activity.

The deserving greaters of the capitalist process are the owners of the capital, while the entrepreneurs assume the typical position of debtors with the incumbency to develop a productive activity, by means of the creative transformation of the means of production, with being able to generate profit and to reimburse the capitalist. A combination that has the power to decide the destination of the new combinations of the production factors. Thus? the capital and the credit are cerne of the question? , as indispensable elements to the promotion of the economic development. The credit that interests the Schumpeter is the associate to ' ' creation of rights on fruits of the future production, by means of the transference of purchasing power previous to the existence of the goods and if assumes lastre-lo' ' (YOU CAN, 1987, P.


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