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President Hugo Chavez

May 2nd, 2024

In the case of Ecuador and Venezuela spoke of oil and agricultural products. Very interesting in the statement that presents the BBC.Mundo, when he says what he says Adolfo Taylhardart that there is an economic factor in the association of Ecuador, but that has nothing to do with trade. "The ALBA is the club of 'throw me something', of countries that are waiting for (the president of Venezuela) to support them with money, projects, airplanes, etc." who also pointed out Venezuelan ambassador in several countries between the 60s and 90s. In return Venezuela win the support of those nations change policies promoted by President Hugo Chavez, under the title "XXI century socialism." Also from the official perspective, the Venezuelan political analyst Alberto Aranguibel entered those findings in a current called the "predictors of the past that are against social justice policy promoted by President Hugo Chavez." "It is false that this is the product of an oil checkbook. What is happening is the integration of markets, "said" If we analyze from the perspective of management, which is the language they speak, the theory states that the loss of bargaining power is when there is a single client. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Mike Gianoni.

They are the ones that encouraged us to have a single client. Now what we have is a powerful multinational force is making a counterweight to America, " added. Definitely l analyst said that initiatives such as the ALBA countries allow modest economies such as Central America, eventually becoming "small powers in areas that are strong, as the president said Chavez." To Taylhardat "That is an organization that has no basis or purpose, beyond the interest of Chavez's government to continue to attract naive or who seek to profit." For President of Ecuador Rafael Correa part of this organization will give benefits to the country, such as having a common approach to international organizations like the World Bank and the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID). In the future written on this subject, Professor of International Commerce MBA graduate, markets Faces mention the University of Carabobo, comment on the scope, impact, weaknesses, opportunities this creates for Venezuela.

Firm Company

April 16th, 2020

Another hypothesis it is in virtue of the existence of the Italian Mafia, world-wide known. What it is clearly in the theory of North is that ' ' a common cultural inheritance provides a way to reduce the differences in the mental models that the people have in one sociedade' ' that, what the institutions search are not a bigger slice of the market, and yes, wealth and power. Fragilizadas institutions and a people without studies are an end in itself exactly for the development of a economy. A country can have many natural resources, as Brazil, but if it does not possess laws, or better, institutions that give support to the transactions carried through between the organizations that compose the society, do not have possibility to have real economic development and in long stated period. Read more from British Petroleum to gain a more clear picture of the situation. 4 CORRUPTION ACCORDING TO EDITH PENROSE Edith Penrose (2006), American economist, author of the book the Theory of the Growth of the Firm, reviews the concept of the firm from a dynamic and evolutivo point of view. Nina Devlin might disagree with that approach. For it, the company has to its disposal in the market any type of resource or administration in accordance with its necessities.

It is enough to know if one has equipped administrative (responsible administrators) is dedicated to keep its character of organized and honest entity. As well as the enterprise knowledge, that can be acquired through the way, either for theoretical concepts, either for personal learning. Therefore, this experience in itself produces changes, exactly subtle in the individuals. According to Penrose (2006: 101), ' ' much of the experience of a man frequently is so approximately associated with a set of external circumstances it who a good part of its more valuable services alone can inside be acquired of these circunstncias' '. When we find dishonest people in a company, the corruption will be more certain to occur, a time that will have the use of knowledge for illicit actions.

Parliamentary Control

January 20th, 2020

Budget is the process for which to almost elaborate, to express, to execute and to evaluate the level of fulfilment of totality of the program of government, administration and efetivao and execution of the general plans of partner-economic development. ITS England SPROUTING Article 12 of the Great celebrity Letter, granted in 1.217 for the King Joo Without Land, no tribute or aid will be instituted in the Kingdom, seno for the common advice, except with the end rescuing the person of the King, making its first-born knight and to marry its older son one no tax would be charged without the knowledge of the country given by the Parliament. France As well as the English case, in France the budgetary institution appeared> later the adoption of the beginning of the popular assent of the tax granted by the Revolution of 1.789, in the Napoleonic period that was completely authoritarian, the representative control of the creation of taxes was not respected, being thus one of the few chances where the principle was infringed. Dara Khosrowshahi : the source for more info. Through the Restoration the National Assembly of 1.815 started to participate of the budgetary process, thus decreeing the Annual Financial Law that served to control the detailing of the endowments, and from 1.831 the Parliamentary Control on the Budget passed to be complex. United States The reinantes maturity politics in the colonies would take of any form Independence, the beginning of the conflicts was stimulated by the launching of the Tax for the English Parliament the default of any consultation to the interested parties, therefore the search of the popular legitimation of the tribute also is found when of the launching of the bases of the American Nation. The Commission of Ways Resources played the role of planning agency, that consolidated the sectorial programs and made possible a vision of set of the finances of the State, in 1.865 it lost its centralizadora function and started to divide with other commissions the authority on the credits of expenditures.

The Cooling

January 15th, 2020

How much bigger development, greaters the capacity to produce and the conditions to commercialize what it was produced for internal and/or external consumption. The more it exempts the commerce, more if vende, consumes and discards to consume more and more it is explored and it degraded the Environment to continue itself to produce and to vender. With the function of vender everything that if produces, the foreign commerce is not suspended of the conflict between unsustainable economic development and the challenges for reach of the sustainable development. the propaganda, required to vender what it is produced, beyond the pollution that cause, publiciza ideologies together with goods and services. Brazilians consumed products imported without competitors in the country, in the passed century, whose marks represented pra what! served. Gillette was, and still it is in Brazil, the blade to shave; Modess, the close absorbent; Kolynos, the tooth folder; Colorama, xampu; Hellman' s, maionese; Claybon, the margarina. Cooling it was Cocaine-glue and until the end of the 70 decade of nor its American competitor Pepsi she was vendida this way. Guarans docinhos, manufactured and vendidos in the interior, as well as the cooling Mineirinho inhabitant of the state of Rio de Janeiro, had yielded market of the fort ahead appeals drinks cocaine-glue! , without globalization possibility.

The existence of antagonistic positionings on the positive and negative effect of the foreign commerce on the Environment reflects historical conflict of interests economic politicians and between rich and poor nations. Reproducing the logic of growth without limits, the external commerce favors concentration of wealth for nations that produce more, owners of technologies, protectors of its producers and its production not necessarily competitive and efficient. In not equitable and discriminatory system, it disfavors the reduction of the poverty, one of the challenges to reach the sustainable development. The precision and the urgency in changing the routes of the development characterize the importance of the thematic socioambiental in the commercial relations between the countries as question of deep stops quarrel of the implications of the foreign commerce on the Environment.

The Decision

November 21st, 2019

Lesson for the crisis: the cost of chance to approve the thousandth loan subprime very probably will be the bankruptcy of its bank. Rational people think about the edge: the decisions that we take in the life are rare in black color and white, in general they have ash tones. When it is hour of supper, the decision is not to jejuar or if to obstruct of food, but to catch plus a soup spoon. When the tests if approach, the decision are not to play them high it or to study 24 hours per day, but between spending plus one hour I resell the substance or to attend television. The economists use the expression alterations delinquents to describe small incremental adjustments to a plan of incremental action. ' ' Margem' ' also to mean ' ' beirada' ' , in way that alterations delinquents are adjustments in eaves of what you are making. The principle delinquent allows in them to take better decisions; we can use it to determine if the increase of a unit in an 0 variable will leave in them or not in better conditions. For example: a barber could decide if 1 hour must keep its barber’s shop opened for mai.

You could decide if she must study 1 hour for the test of economy. The principle delinquent if bases on the comparison of benefits and costs one delinquents determined activity. The benefit delinquent of some activity it is the resultant good consideration of a small increase in the activity, as for example, the generated additional prescription when a barber’s shop is open for more 1 hour. In similar way, the cost delinquent is the resultant additional cost of a small increase in the activity, as, for example, the incidental costs incurred when a store opened for 1 hour remains itself more. In accordance with the principle delinquent, you must increase the activity level while the benefit delinquent will be greater that the cost delinquent.

Capitals Pointer

October 17th, 2019

In the 2009 exercise, even so the index still pointed a favorable situation, had a fall of R$ 0.11 in the pointer and, therefore, the capacity of the Liquid Current assets to quit obligations of short term. h) Immediate liquidity According to Ribeiro (2002), this pointer little or almost nothing adds to the conclusions of the analysis of the financial situation of the company and, therefore, it is not considered in this work. 1,2 ECONOMIC POINTERS) Funny of the Asset In accordance with this pointer, in 2008, the company invoice R$ 1,47 for each invested R$ 1,00 in the Asset. This sample that the Itautec obtains to turn the total investments 1,47 times in the year. As this pointer suffers a light reduction for R$ 1,45, it notices that the mercantile performance of the company practically is kept.

b) Liquid edge the reached value of 0,02 in the 2008 exercise indicates that the company obtains to get corresponding net profits 2% of the value of the Net revenue. In the exercise of the 2009, pointer it increases shyly for R$ 0,03, what it strengthens the idea of the financial coefficients, that portray the maintenance of a good financial situation. c) Yield of the Asset In 2008, for each R$ 1,00 of total investments, the company gets R$ 0,03 of profit. In the posterior exercise, this relation is of R$ 0,04 for each R$ 1,00 of investments, what it indicates a light improvement in the potential of generation of profits. This sample that, although the good situation, the company has not carried through really significant efforts for the improvement in the return of invested Capitals.

Amortization In Capital

September 24th, 2019

One of the fruits of this development was the creation of some termosespecficos in the area of finances, as it is the case of the concept of Capitalizaton, that amongst the diverse conceptual terms we can suggest: to join to the capital, to transform into capital, to accumulate or to join money aiming at to form a capital. 1,3 Amortization In the composition of the paid installments in any species definanciamento two parcels are enclosed: one that if relates to the capital quefoi loaned, and other destined to the payment of constant interests in the financial regularcontrato. In reference to the Amortization, in the diverse workmanships especficasde mathematical financier consulted in the elaboration of this work foramencontradas definitions in the same direction, that is, is the parcel that correspondeao payment of the loaned capital. As definition of the guide of financing of portalWinfinance, the amortization is the part of the payment that effectively diminishes osaldo wing. The referring part the interests does not diminish the value of the debt, the quesignifica to say that these are ' ' custos' ' that if paid peloemprstimo. Thus, in the end of the operation, the addition of the amortization part detodas the installments must be equal to the value of the loan. The formula below wide is spread out in the literaturavoltada one to the financial area, and has intention to make possible a melhorvisualizao and agreement on this concept: Installment = Amortization + 1,4 Interests Indexation We know that emnosso is of remote time the existence of the inflation country, having, throughout time, diminished substantially its efeitosnefastos and in the current days reaches levels that arrive at the house of a digit, however this fact still cause a true terror to the population with oaumento, despite controlled, in the prices of the goods and services. Currently, economic asituao more is stabilized, however the population still continues to abide consequences of this mazela, although to be brightened up with the legal support of nossosistema.

Monetary Advice National

September 14th, 2018

To strengthen the use of the DPGE, in day 28 of May, the Monetary Advice National (CMN) it announced that the Deposits the Stated period with Special Guarantee will not be able to have anticipated rescue. This must allow one better management of the wallet of the banks and, consequentemente, an allonge of the stated periods of loans. A good example of redefinition of strategy is the Mercantile Bank of Brazil that since the April beginning already had raised the stated periods of 36 months stops up to 48 months. The bank believes that in the next months, new revisions could be made, coming back to the 52 months operated before the crisis: ' ' We make daily monitoramento. At the beginning of the year we verify a loss in the purchasing power. But between April and May already it had one retaken.

Also we adjust in them to demanda' '. This movement of flexibilizao in the credit to attract in return the clientele started gradually in March and if it consolidated with the first signals of deceleration of the high one of the insolvency and the improvement of the economic scene. In accordance with given of the Central banking, the average stated period of the operations for physical people presented jib since the aggravation of the crisis. In March it came back to go up. in April arrived the 491 days, on average, well next to the principle reached in October of the last year. The initial kick was given by the great banks. The first one was the Ita Unibanco, that came back to operate financing of vehicles in 72 months. After that, it was the time of Santander to also adopt the limit of six years for vehicles and for the consigned one. Last week, the Bank of Brazil extended the limit of the lines for physical people while the Bradesco extended to the home loans for 30 years and the financing of vehicles for 80 months, with fall of the interests.

Complementary Law

January 13th, 2014

This index? current ratio? it makes possible in them to evaluate the capacity of payment of the obligations of short term of the company (passive circulating), taking in consideration its also circulating goods and credits. We go to assume that the current ratio of a company is equal the 1,5. This means that, for each R$ 1,00 of debt of short term, the company makes use of R$ 1,50 in its current assets. A lesser current ratio that 1, normally, indicates difficulties for company in honoring its commitments of short term. They see that the legislator was worried in visualizing the situation of the company as one all? used for such the equity? e, also, with the conditions of the payment of its obligations of short term. Soon, if the company to take care of to these two conditions (Equity and Current ratio, as explanado above), is considered that it is in good conditions economic-financiers without necessity of a bigger technician-countable deepening of the demonstrations of the company. 2.4.De the Exceptions Exist some exceptions to this fact.

First, we go to deal with the relative exception the requirement of the equity of the legal entity. This in case that the company is verified when is classified as microcompany? ME? or small business companies? EPP. ME or EPP, as definition of the National Statute of the Microcompany and the Small business company. The Complementary Law n 123/2006 instituted the new National Statute of the Microcompany and the Small business company. In it, it has the differentiation between the two, which is, the microcompany has prescription rude equal or inferior R$ 240,000, 00 (two hundred and forty a thousand Reals) and in canine tooth of small transport has superior gross revenue the R$ 240,000, 00 (two hundred and forty a thousand Reals) and equal or inferior R$ 2.400.000, 00 (two million and four hundred a thousand Reals).

National Monetary Advice

July 24th, 2012

The growth of the insolvency stronger and was generalized in the wallet of loans the companies, having reached the main credit facilities. The tax passed of 5,8% for 6,9% in the discount of trade bills, of 2,7% for 3,3% in the note discounting promissory note, and of 1,2% for 1,9% in the turn capital, between September of 2008 and February of 2009. Exactly in operations with external resources, as the Advancings on Contract of Cmbio (ACC), it had increase of the insolvency, 0,6% in September for 0,8% in the last month. The picture of the situation in the segment of the free credit – where the interests are agreed to between the financial institution and the customer – is reflected infects of it that the country suffered from world-wide the financial crisis, with the disappearance of the credit. Without new financings, the companies if capsize in difficulties to roll its loans.

For the data of the BC, the banks they are if preparing for difficult days still more, what she can also be identified in the general degradation in the classifications of the operations of credit. Beyond the provisionamento above of the minimum demanded for the BC, the banks they had lowered rating of its wallets, classified with nine notes, that go of AA the H, in a scale of increasing risk. Classified operations as normal risk, with notes between AA and C, they had shrunk 0.7%, while of risk 1 (between D and G) they had increased 11.6% between January, and February and with note H, practically considered lost, they had gone up 6.4% between one month and another one. The moment if shows, therefore, sufficiently delicate. The government makes what credit is necessary to come back it to irrigate the economy, what estimates the banks to retake its loans for physical companies and people. The National Monetary Advice (CMN) approved the creation of safe from deposits special, with guarantee of until R$ 20 million the FGC (Deep Guarantor of Credit), to stimulate investors to apply again in average small banks e, from where they had run away for the great banks, over all the public, after 15 of September, in the track of the general diffidence in the banking system.