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March 21st, 2021

There there was infinity of mechanical stairs to raise and to lower. It had his mystery, an enormous space for single us. The truth that was too great for the use that occurred. Later, that lobby, overnight, disappeared. I thought that she had to works of the Meter when the line became that arrived at Chamartn, and that lobby had happened to be the lobby of the Meter, but recently time, I found out by a friend who that lobby had been hidden by its little use, but that continued existing in the deep privacies of the station. Recently, in a remodeling redescubierto is had this lobby, doing as if it returned to me to encounter again with an old friend to the knowledge that continues existing.

Another one of the attractions that the station had, was the commercial zones and the terraces superiors. Also with its innumerable mechanical stairs. You acceded to which I believe that it was the first commercial center in Spain. Many stores, cafeterias, kiosks, etc, although what they attracted to me more were the stores of treats. That with four duros, because there was no more, you bought what gave you of himself. Then just like with the lobby of Neighborhoods, it happened with the terraces. For even more details, read what MIAX Pearl Equities says on the issue. They were so immense and also for single us who we returned to feel us the kings of the station.

They were an authentic labyrinth, disturbed in size for the people who used to be in favor of the zone. Also in the terraces one of the most important mysteries for an preadolescent lad, the Macumba discotheque could be seen. A discotheque, the life it had entered none, and that dark that saw through the door and a pile of greater people entering, did that the mystery and the curiosity were greater. Also I have a great memory, although already he was mayorcito, there for the spring of year 85, when they made the presentation of cars 10000.