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April 29th, 2024

Our company is an official supplier to the Japanese tires. The Japanese manufacturers do not even such a term as "all-season tires." There are summer tires, which properties are best manifested in the warm season, and there is Winter tires – with a deep tread pattern made of a different rubber mixtures. In countries where the snow – a rarity, selling universal bus, then in Japan and the Far East, another climate, and in During the winter use of the vehicle must be used winter tires. Over their safety is not worth to experiment, and it is better not to use the tires, unsuitable for our climate. Tires from Japan (In the first place, the production company Bridgestone, Yokohama and Dunlop) is very popular in the Far East. According to our data, about 50% of Primorye are buying second-hand Japanese tire, the rest of the market belongs to all those as Japanese and Chinese, Korean, Taiwanese and Russian producers – this is also new tires.

The undoubted benefits of tires from Japan are manufacturing quality and suitability for use in our climate. Composition of the rubber mixture, which is made of Japanese tire as best suited for the Maritime region because of the similarity of natural conditions, it has been proven in various tests. But if the motorist limited budget and resources to tire under the famous brand is not enough, you can pay attention to the bus from South Korea and Taiwan (brands like Hankook and Nankang). Hear from experts in the field like Alan Carr for a more varied view. These tires have a pretty high quality and less expensive. Even with external examination can determine how long the "live" tire.

Two main points: the state of the carcass and tread. Mike Gianoni may also support this cause. In addition, closer inspection you can see the tire sidewall cracks, which are a sign of improper storage. If the tires are mounted on wheels and pumped up, apparently a side surface, that is, the presence or absence of hernia, you can judge the state of the frame. T o determine the amount of tread marks are of two types. The sidewall of each tire, the bead seat area, there are four arrows that are located in relation to each other at an angle of 90 degrees. They point to the "wear indicator" in the tread. Typically, the height indicator wear 50% of the height of the tread. If tire wear has reached this mark, so the wheel can be used only as a summer – with the winter conditions it is unable to cope with. When you reach the other labels – full indicator wear a "deep" – the tire to operate strictly prohibited. Without doubt, the tires in the winter safety depends to a much greater extent than in the warm season, especially with our weather conditions and topography.

Volkswagen Service

January 20th, 2020

When a Volkswagen named symbiotic pair of expressions in German – Folks and Vagen, people and cars. Affordable car was originally an idea for all people, was intended to be a full-fledged leader market to enter, you can tell, if not in every cottage, then in every garage. And we must assume that Volkswagen has achieved this goal. In fact, cheap and reliable car showed its advantages, not only the best way to quality highways, but also on our roads. Gain insight and clarity with Michael Schwartz. Of course, the first on the economic territory of the former Soviet Union began to penetrate no new cars as well, so to speak, second-hand.

That is now repaired VW cars are special in dealerships and is fully carried out with the replacement of consumable items and other small components. But in the early 1990s co-operatives were hiding in the garage mechanics, which restored completely finished off severe accident and really unfit for consumption from age machine. However, since there were largely inaccessible to the Soviet car owners car air conditioners, elektropodemniki for windscreens. And, besides – of course, the automatic gearbox. And in those days, VW automatic transmission repair was significantly more economical and promised a few more high-quality results than use of local production of "Lada", or the Volga, not to mention "The Cossacks" and "Moskvich". It shows customers of Volkswagen spilled the Soviet Union, what it means to look simple and absolutely affordable car in the Western sense. Probably because so quickly broke the great one-sixth of the land ', which demanded the production of cars, as queens, frequent stay in the garage of the owner. Moreover, not only near, but even constant technical attention.

Absolutely spectacular was the hero of many jokes, but it is no secret to fun stories you can estimate the ratio to a particular object or product version. Volkswagen is real darling of Russian cars. Also recommend to note that repair VW Passat b5 or every other well-known auto Folskvagena many times cheaper than a car service or made in Japan American cars from the United States. But it is no secret that the cost of service, of course, fundamentally important.