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Furniture Today

May 4th, 2011

Incidentally, this procedure will not only make a correct medical suit, but automatically puts the responsibility for “not sitting well” things on the manufacturer. So you will not hear in response to request to correct – “Maria Ivanovna, sorry, you can buy.” True, and worth the pleasure, 25% more. But experience tells us that the joy of low price lasts less frustration from poor quality. We at Peter Prof., recommend and insist on mandatory exit . This relieves our clients an extra headache when ordering medical garments and gives us more information so that would sew uniforms were more accurate and customer was always happy.

Uniforms for restaurants. Cook’s clothing – clothing that needs to be comfortable, lightweight, breathable, and durable. Cook’s clothing is made from rich cotton. Such as “Leader”, “Premier” “Panacea”, etc. mainly produced in Russia, since the remaining tissue is much more expensive. All of the above materials contain from 30 to 100% cotton and allow the body to breathe, even at a density of 250 gr.

/ M. Cook the form of dense materials creates the impression of a rigid, one might say “wood”, but after two or three washings the fabric to become very soft and pleasant to the touch. In addition, these materials are water-repellent impregnation, by which Uniform cook longer stays clean. Uniforms for the waiters to play with the interior and to emphasize the style and status of the institution. Where it is enough t-shirts with the logo, but where it may be a jacket or a satin blouse with strict skirt. Each new visitor to the restaurant puts its view of the little things that surround him, one of those things – uniforms of waiters, Cook’s clothing. Selection of colors, styles and basic parameters – priority of the customer, but the quality performance you should trust the professionals in sewing uniforms. An important part of the restaurant business – furniture covers, tablecloths, napkins – can highlight your personality institutions and extend the life of the furniture. Covers for Furniture Today, each restaurant owner wants, and you can understand it, to prolong the life of the furniture. Chairs and sofas will last longer if they are put. Cover in any case cheaper new furniture. The average price for a chair cover today is 500 rubles. Easy to calculate: 2 meters of fabric (at least), say gabardine = 200 rubles. Work seamstress = 100 rubles. Work cutter .= 100 rubles. And the rent, taxes = 100 rubles. Cheaper of course possible, but, respectively, which is made from components with a lesser degree of responsibility and the output quality will be suffer. We do not want it. So consider a version of high-quality execution order for sewing slipcovers for chairs. For this we take the material with a wide color gamut and good performance such as gabardine or atlas. Will define the model of the skirt and the presence of bows and forth.

Moscow City Government

April 7th, 2011

The remaining approximately 100 tons of the deficit may be covered only for through the introduction of new refrigeration facilities – is about 4-5 today . The Moscow City Government target program by linking the growth of food consumption and development of warehouse infrastructure. In the capital, as in Russia as a whole, reconstruction and construction of new warehouses, refrigerators are maintained jointly by government and business through public-private partnership. ppp for low skladovKak explained in Managing the development of wholesale trade facilities of the Department, the Moscow government has engaged in several joint projects. In accordance with the order of the Government of Moscow dated 09.06.2006 1004-RP 6 horticultural enterprises in the city (JSC "Victoria", cjsc "Demeter", cjsc "Kuzminskoye", cjsc ", oao OPK" Zelenograd ", OJSC" Cooper ") in October 2006 opened distribution centers, including low-temperature tanks.

In July 2006, commissioned a wholesale distribution center at the Saltykov street. Investor – ooo "Krona-Market" – conducted with the use of budget funds placed at form of the loan. Until the end of 2006 it is planned for commissioning industrial-warehouse complex in the industrial area "Kuryanovo, investor-client is" Refrigerator number 18. " The Moscow government plans to expand their participation in the projects of reconstruction and construction of new enterprises of wholesale trade in food. Thus, based on the existing wholesale businesses expected to be commissioned in 2006, 3 properties wholesale, trade food in 2007 – 6 objects. Due to construction on the new land will be put into operation in 2006 2 objects wholesale food trade, in 2007 – an object.