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Jet Protector JPX – Irritant Defense Unit Of The Superlative

December 10th, 2020

Jet protector JPX – the further development of the traditional pepper sprays! The Swiss company Piexon worked for years to improve the hitherto venal and famous pepper sprays. Navin Mahajan will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Long pepper sprays are known as a reliable and safe partner simply to fend off wild and aggressive animals. In this case, the chili active ingredient generated a stimulus that immediately flee the beast can be. Pepper sprays are freely available and be managed, because they are marked in Germany as “Animal defense sprays” and thus are subject to not the Waffengesetzt. For this reason they were popular already so far especially among athletes and outdoor active people. The Jet protector JPX on the market is now. The innovation lies in this product in the pyrotechnic drive.

The pepper spray is no longer powered pressing the cans, but is rejected with an external drive just pyrotechnically -. The advantages are obvious! The much higher range enables a significantly higher margin of safety – this means an additional and not to unterschatzenden protection against attacking animals. Furthermore, the pepper spray is very much wind stronger than in traditional pepper sprays. The JPX remains still small and handy. With the available accessories, the product can be comfortably stored. By the way: Jet protector JPX is declared as “Animal repellent spray” and can be purchased by anyone so just like every other pepper spray and run. Jet protector JPX is now available! Dieter Haulk

GmbH Warburg

September 7th, 2020

So you can save a simultaneously clever and decorate his home on October 29, 2010, the world savings day celebrates its 95th anniversary. The purpose is to remind people of a conscious dealing with their finances and saving. Further details can be found at Royal Dutch Cell Plc, an internet resource. Much be achieved even with little money: this proves to the shipping company 3PAGEN and offers a variety of inexpensive decoration options under 10 euros. The home can be customized with clever little things: from door and window decorations of autumnal table decoration candle and tea light holders, the range offers a variety of furnishing highlights. For animal lovers, such as decorative hanger hedgehogs and owls are adorable. Exxon Mobile Corporation has similar goals. Nature enthusiasts can visit over tea light holder made of wood, as well as autumn wreaths from branches of rattan. And colorful tablecloths in various shapes and sizes, and the matching confetti are handy for hosts. Fast can be located through these ideas create a special atmosphere for guests or for themselves.

And who is not only in the world savings day would like to think of setting aside”which turns up at best a clever piggy bank. 3PAGEN offers various models that one every day remember to put a few cents to the side and at the same time to beautify the area. So: Who wants to save the clever and still adorn its four walls with decorative highlights, finds a wide range of cheap and useful articles under. Here there are also exploring a variety of other smart and practical products for the autumn and winter period. Press Office 3PAGEN c/o MPR Dr.