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Construction Industry

September 20th, 2023

Reasons for negative evaluation, it would seem, was the remarkable idea of self-regulation by several factors. The first and most painful – the cost of entry into SROs and SROs in the construction of the design. Besides contribution to the compensation fund (300 thousand rubles for construction workers, 150 thousand rubles for the design and surveying organizations), companies must pay an additional fee and pay an annual membership fee, plus required payment of insurance. 'On average, it turns out that construction company engaging in the SRO must pay one million rubles. For many small companies, this amount was simply overwhelming. Compare one million rubles with the cost of licenses, which previously received and builders, I think more comments are not necessary ', – the independent lawyer Anastasia Timchenko.

Previously, the reminiscences of the builders, licensed organization, having an experienced lawyer in the state, would for 30-100 rubles. 'Established quite impossibly small and medium-sized businesses opening (100 rubles) and membership (from 200 rubles per year) contributed to the SRO in construction and SROs in the design, almost everywhere, take the money and issued for each admission (an average of 5000 rubles) '- agrees with Timchenko, head of the commission for Construction and Housing' supports Russia 'Eugene Shlemenko. However, there are those who think that a million for the construction company – is not so much. '300 Thousand rubles – a construction company for no money. And make them into a compensation fund (basic cost) should be able to either construction company. If payment of this money is even the slightest difficulty, the construction market and construction community does not need such an organization and not simply be to help these 'would-be businessmen', and in every way hinder the penetration of such organizations in the construction industry ", – deputy head of the committee categorically stated on insurance and financial risks of the National Association of designers, President of NP SRO 'TsentrRegion' Cyril Shalin.

Hong Kong Airlines

May 12th, 2020

Also currently royalties and interest from the UK, produced by residents Hong Kong, are taxed at a rate of 20% in the UK and Ireland. Agreements set a maximum limit for royalty – 3%. Tax rate on interest in Ireland will be reduced to 10%, while the UK faces generally exempt from paying this tax, provided that acknowledgment is received that benefit from the interest will go to residents of another state. Since the entry into force of the Agreement between Hong Kong and Britain repealed the existing agreements to limit double taxation of income from airlines and ships. In this area will be provided similar to the above benefits. According to the Agreement between Hong Kong and Ireland, Hong Kong Airlines flying to Ireland, will be taxed at the rate of Hong Kong's corporate tax. Income received in Ireland from international ship traffic, carried out by residents of Hong Kong, is currently tax free, will be exempt from paying it in accordance with the Agreement.

Agreement on the Avoidance of Double Taxation provides the latest standards of the OECD exchange of information on taxes, regulated by this agreement. This applies to tax on total income or on elements of income, including taxes on income derived from the alienation of movable or immovable property, as well as capital gains tax. Bob Jain shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The existing taxes to which this agreement applies, the figures are: income tax, payroll tax and property tax – Hong Kong (for details see 'tax rates Hong Kong ') income tax, corporation tax and tax on capital gains – in the UK (for details see' tax rates in the UK ') income tax, income tax, corporation tax and tax on income from capital – Ireland. Agreement will come into force after ratification by all parties, and their provisions will be effective on the next calendar day. Hong Kong is actively signing comprehensive agreements on avoidance of double taxation (see news "Hong Kong expands the list of double taxation avoidance agreement '). In the absence of opportunities to negotiate agreements on avoiding double taxation with some jurisdictions, Hong Kong will seek to enter into agreements with appropriate partners to reduce double taxation on income of airlines and ships. So far, managed to make 27 such agreements relating to income Airlines, 6 agreements for income ships and two agreements on revenue of airlines and ships. Source: Concept consulting Ltd.