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Sixbreak Advantages

May 1st, 2022

Sixbreak playfully expand the General knowledge at the Internet address is a new platform of knowledge today online. Basic principle is to publish knowledge in the form of simple quiz questions. While the players themselves become authors, because the quiz questions are asked of the players. Sixbreak is the platform for the first consistent user”generated online quiz. Players can easily create new questions: in addition to the question itself, the correct and 3 wrong answers, only one out of eight subject areas must be selected. And then there is still the rule: no question without source.

Any new quiz question must be backed by a reference on the Internet. If you incorrectly answer a question in a quiz, a matching articles can be directly opened with more information. It finally involves knowledge training and acquisition of knowledge. In contrast to other quiz pages, no fixed question sequences are played at Sixbreak. Sixbreak newly assembles each quiz on the basis of the collected issues of all players. Get all the facts and insights with patrick dwyer merrill lynch, another great source of information. Users logged-in have two at Sixbreak Advantages: As players collect knowledge points and can compete with other players. As authors, they have the opportunity, all quiz cards they created”than to start your own personal quiz.

This authors quiz”can be run not only on the Sixbreak Web site, but also linking to your own website. With launch of the alpha version, a pre-release version, which already dominates the central elements of the game is accessible the community quiz now on the Internet at. Source: Dr.

Medien AG Germany

April 30th, 2022

The rebuilding of Trend@dress Medien AG Germany-wide sales personnel selection has begun. The rebuilding of Trend@dress Medien AG Germany-wide sales personnel selection has begun. The company significantly expanding its capacity and is on the lookout for new salespeople on a freelance basis. The goal is to open ten more new distribution centers by the end of 2008. The company offers a very innovative online search in the business customer segment with. With this successful online platform, the Trend@dress Media AG placed excellently in the topical market of advertising and marketing media.

Flexibility, speed, low capital outlay and interactivity makes this search engine with a unique advertising front. Here stand out more than 800,000 companies to the competition and present their products. I’m sure that many companies miss the advertising effect potential of this medium are can be. No other medium can reach the World Wide Web. The user decides himself what he wants to see, by He seeks.

Advertising no longer comes to the customer but the customer comes to the information he has searched for. Companies that want to be on the market, are called up individually to reorient, to identify opportunities and implement. Competition will be reinforced at the personal level instead of now it applies further expand market share with many other competent service and sales staff. The competition exhausts itself less and less in the quantity and quality of goods and services, they are to become comparable; rather, he decides in the qualification of the representatives, especially the sellers in a similar position who are just more appropriate than those of the competition. By the requirements of future employees the company has settled on people, which are sales-oriented and have fun at the advice. Only employees who multiplied reach your success expertise with self marketing, acting confident and authentic, able to communicate success. Thus, performance is no longer objective of all Efforts, but is essential. A furnished Home Office and training the future distribution partners create successful perspectives. It is also building a sales team, i.e. a distribution center enlargement with new employees nothing in the way. With these contents, the Board is mandatory candidate requirements.


April 10th, 2022

Designed free Easter greeting letter templates as well as poems and quotes as Wilhelm Busch rhymed so aptly: it’s Easter every year quite burdensome for the rabbit. …und for your Easter greetings are not too onerous, have been short on the Web page of the letter-online portal, BoP\”called, collected quotes and poems for free download: downloads. Can send to the Easter greetings in the right frame, there is neatly designed letter templates in Word format even for free. Gain insight and clarity with Airbus. And the best thing: simply download the templates and using the BoP \”send software directly from your PC: from the PC directly into the mailbox of the recipient.\” A detailed guide about the function of BoP\”is available as a download in PDF format and videos available. Background information: In the Ratinger company mail to print the possibility to produce all business correspondence, online provides with a physical at the end of the chain generated and distributed letter stands. The letter-online portal, short BoP\”called, is offered for any correspondence: invoices, reminders, small direct mailings etc. The highlight of this portal solution: At the check-post many processing steps can be saved. (As opposed to patrick dwyer boston private). No printing, folding, inserting postage and delivery on.

From the PC directly into the mail box of the recipient, as reliable as if you had carried him to the mailbox. The product ranges of the standard letter to the Maxi letter, depending on the customer request which is printed black and white or colored, one double-sided or even a remittance to. And there are also no contract, no registration fees, no minimum or maximum quantities: no matter whether 1 letter or 500 letters be sent out: the customer pays only the letters that he sends as printing and shipping order. To the payroll within a company can BoP software\”cost will be set up even for different individuals or departments or offices,. Have convinced also the security concepts: all the Briefonlineportal transmitted encrypted through certificate-secured data is transmitted.


April 8th, 2022

Eat, 18.01.2011 the new and innovative social commerce platform revvler is now online at. Under the keyword revvleution revvler launches a new online shopping experience, an online marketplace of special Art.revvleution is a word game and consists of the name of revvler and the concept of evolution. Official site: patrick dwyer merrill lynch. We see revvler as an evolution, a young and modern online marketplace where users can do far more as an offer or a bargain.” Revvler a modern and innovative online marketplace of kind creates team of founders and the underlying young startup around that. revvler goes far beyond the purely technical and emotionless purchase and sale process and creates a new experience with versatile new and innovative features and functions. “” revvler is an innovative platform live matching functions, such as the “and revvlen” connects people and creates completely new possibilities in the fields of e-commerce and social commerce. At the matching live” combines a specially developed algorithm in a simple manner and way supply and demand as well as demand and supply. Depending on the settings in the privacy, so providers and seekers learn very easily from each other and both parties get live”displayed the appropriate article and search.

In addition to the matching live”, also the possibility of negotiation and bargaining on revvler for the online sector is completely reinterpreted. revvlen”this new feature is called, and opens up completely new opportunities and our members. For the first time also seller can after the bid for their article directly and interactively submit a counteroffer and offer additional options, such as volume discounts. It is precisely this human exchange that to themselves and connects members and makes it so revvler lively, personal and diverse. The development of revvler continues but also after the launch of the beta. Many other ideas and innovations are already planned or reside in first approaches in the development. Now officially lifts the curtain revvler and is the launching pad. Sign up now and be from the outset! Marc Kornblum

We Provide Fresh Knowledge

May 9th, 2016

The new knowledge portal offers an attractive publication option Bochum authors for everyone, August 9. A knowledge portal that is appealing for everyone and offers content in tested. -It is fresh knowledge. Here you will find not only factual, but also theses, term papers and seminar papers. And the author can publish his texts not only free, but also earn. Ignorance now belongs to the past. Fresh knowledge already provides for more education. The knowledge portal on his side offered eight categories to fourteen knowledge areas.

And rising. A wide range of subjects is offered a possible heterogeneous audience. Fresh knowledge want to appeal to all levels of education. Therefore, there are also very different types of articles. The quota includes specially published thing articles as well as specialist work, theses and term papers. Crowdsourcing is the principle works with the fresh knowledge.

A heterogeneous lot of external authors this produces articles for the portal. Anyone can with fresh Knowledge to the author. After a free registration, you can already publish his text in a second step. The authors have the opportunity to write new texts as well as ready-made wrote back to access. Dissertations, seminar or trade work can find a new use. With these texts, money can be earn on fresh knowledge. Advertising that content fits the topic, appears on the article page, and the author receives half of the advertising revenue. Efficient use of offered the user a search mask with clear categories. The correctness of the article is important fresh knowledge. Therefore, any article prior to publication is reviewed by an editorial team. It is the user to comment on each article also possible. There is always the thought that many of the knowledge of individuals can benefit behind fresh knowledge. For the author, it should be noted that it must be not only writers but also copyright of the text and the article in this form does not already was published online. The article on fresh knowledge include the areas of lifestyle & Sport, culture & media, society & geography, health & medicine, science & economy, politics & history, Internet & technology. Fresh knowledge is a service of collective IQ Ltd. company portrait: the collective IQ Ltd. was founded in August 2007 and first went with the platform ( online. is a portal for the provision of digital erbringbaren services and the principle of out-tasking. Outtasking means outsourcing tasks. The principle relieves companies through a fast and efficient work of external experts. This developed into the provider of text platform (, which specifically deals with the processing of text projects. Text provider is the market leader in terms of search engine optimized text, and offers publishers, SEOs and agencies unique content. Founder of collective IQ, Ltd. are Arne Stoschek and Nils Dreyer. Dreyer was the magazine Junge Karriere”from the Verlagsgruppe Handelsblatt (issue 08/2008) selected to the 30 leaders under the age of 30 in Germany. The collective IQ Ltd. received the founder’s prize of the German Federal Ministry for Economics and technology at CeBIT 08 and reached the 2.Platz at the founder competition also newcomer”the city of Bochum. Contact: Collective IQ limited TZR-technology centre Ruhr University Road 142 d 44799 Bochum contact person: Andreas Thomczik email: