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National Agency

January 28th, 2022

The production of the cheese Frescal Mines when carried through artisan for people not trained, can not only compromise the product, but also the health of the individuals. Of this form, practical of hygiene they must be observed to prevent a possible contamination of the product. Moreover, for not being maturado, it is perishable, having to be consumed quickly, after short stockage in cooled environment. Table 02? Comparison between the specific legislation and the total and termotolerantes countings of Coliformes in number of samples in eight marks of cheese commercialized Frescal Mines in the city of Spring of the East? TM. Type of N Cheeses of amostrasPrprias to consumption n (%) Improper to consumption n (%) Coliformes the 35CColiformes the 45CColiformes 35C and Artisan 45CTotal 42 (25%) 0 (0%) 0 (0%) 2 (25%) 2 (25%) Industrialized 43 (37.5%) 0 (0%) 0 (0%) 1 (12.5%) 1 (12.5%) TOTAL85 (62.5%) 0 (0%) 0 (0%) 3 (37.5%) 3 (37.5%) Coliformes 35C < 1000 NMP/g and coliformes 45C < 500 NMP/g in accordance with Resolution RDC N 12 of 02/01/2001 and Would carry N 146 of 07/03/1996 of the National Agency of Vigilncia Sanitria (ANVISA). For the counting of coliformes Resolution RDC N is verified that five (62.5%) of the samples (of the marks, B, C, and, F) are inside of the standards demanded for the ANVISA, as 12 of 02/01/2001 Would carry N 146 of 07/03/1996 (Table 02). In marks D, G, H, (37.5%) had presented counting above of the maximum limit, not presenting conformity with the legislation. The presence of termotolerantes coliformes shows the bad hygienical conditions and evidences the possibility of the product to propagate other pathogenic microorganisms, being able to cause problems to the health of the consumer..

Biotica Professional

January 14th, 2022

' ' The not-slander, significa' ' not to cause dano' '. The rules that can be inferred of this I begin: not to kill, not to cause damage or suffering, not to incapacitate others, does not offend them and not to deprive them of the necessary goods the life, and when it is known this principle facilitates to the communication and the security that if the other has when leaving to take decisions on the life, that is the well biggest one. in if treating to lives, the relation can still more be difficult, therefore it is where the patient feels if unsafe together with the professional, this who cannot leave to be transparent its fears, weaknesses, unreliability and anxiety. To each new patient it places if in focus its abilities all and the learning of years and where if they can see the limitations of each one and of science. Therefore, the relation can be classified in fast and insensitive, where the professional one only carries through procedures and it is not made use to hear and to perceive more on the person who is there.

Serious and the solemn one occurs with patients in terminal phase. Comprehensive and the genuine one occurs when the professional if matters with the patient, hearing it, being thus, a balanced relation, applying the principles of the Biotica. The Biotica is that one where the professional keeps a balanced relation, being next and incisive, nor so distant and cold this nor very; but the measure necessary to carry through well its work, to know the patient and deix? lo comfortable and satisfied with the given service. However, the form with that if it deals the other depends on the life concept and death, health and illness, beyond recognizing the other as similar and serviz it when this is not capable to provide its necessities, showing if sofredor and incapable; that is, the form where the human beings in general treat the others is only the consequence as they deal with itself exactly.

Karina Shantala

October 2nd, 2020

The bath: He is not that one that goes to all remove the oil of the body of the baby. The ideal bath is that one in which the water to make its work. Paul Price understands that this is vital information. That is of as to give bath and of as to hold, or better not to hold, to leave the baby to float in the water. Methodology the research was carried through through bibliographical research, in a qualitative perspective, that had given theoretical basement. Consideraes final the massage shantala in such a way provides a matureness in the baby how much in the parents/cuidador. The massage must be made only in babies.

This makes in them to think and to act of the best possible form. The massage is a simple, gostoso act, a form to demonstrate its feeling to the baby beyond observing it as a whole. I consider that, with the inclusion of the massage in the public net we go to not only have a reduction in the cases of children with mental problems, also we go to carry through a work with the family teaching and preparing for giving to it with the illness. The course will be offered for all the nursing team, and the same ones go to teach the parents/cuidador to carry through the massage in house. With this, the investments of the public agencies would be minimum and the beneficial ones would be bigger, such as the reduction of expenses with dressings, medication. Nowadays, already exists in the health centers the acupuntura, that is a simple treatment, easy and of low cost, that at times behind, would be unimaginable such attendance in public services of health., because not to idealize that shantalla also cannot be offered to the population while preventive treatment and dressing? What we desire and always we make is to think about the welfare of the patient.

Brazilian Health

June 23rd, 2020

We point as specific object of study CAPS III in the city of Barbalha (CE), centering in the analysis and projection of its services, over all the ones that if they relate to the shelter. Colimando the attributes of the shelter are innumerable the factors that must be considered, amongst which: the listing of the therapeutical activities offered by the unit in question and the accord of these interventions with the determination of the Health department; the establishment of criteria for the act of receiving of users, as well as the lines of direction of its accompaniment, high medication and the subsidies offered in the qualification of the professionals who work in such units. Other pertinent projections to be done, say respect to the physical estruturao of the unit, if he is condizente or not with the services for it offered, considering there the aspects of accessibility and comfort, beyond nuances that they define the participation of the familiar ones in the treatment of the users. Filed under: relocation strategies. Beyond them you analyze techniques that this type of study requires, is accurate also to make a theoretical survey more directive than it bases this quarrel and it offers trustworthy prospections for any arguments, even because expositivo the investigativo text and at the same time of this type of study requires a basement each ampler time. The perspective to offer a panorama more complete than approaches the lines of direction of functioning of the CAPS; at the same time indicates the determinative points of its performance consists of a challenge stimulant that perpassa not only the history of the Brazilian health, but also (reverse speed) the quarrel on which has been the aimings made in the specific scope of the mental health. For in such a way a historical briefing becomes necessary retrospecto of the attendance politics the mental health in Brazil and the contextualizao of same with the reality the contemporary. The newspapers mentioned Jeffrey Leiden San Diego not as a source, but as a related topic.