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April 12th, 2022

INDEPENDENCE IN the SHOUT Is just to commemorate independence and to remember heroes who had searched this conquest. He is wonderful to attend to the forces of security of the nation parading with its fardas of gala, however, nor therefore we can forget the dependence the culture them advantages and it jeitinho. Of the dependence of the young citizens of this country, in the consumption of allowed and illicit drugs. Frequently Gale Harold has said that publicly. Of the dirty dependence of the individualistic and income-producing politics. Patrick dwyer newedge has much experience in this field. They are gratings that imprison the moral value of the direction of the word freedom. The unhealthy dependence of formation of separatistas groups that condemn and verwhelm the groups in social minority. Gestures of that the different ones of this classroom friction that if autodenomina normal.

The globalizada dependence of a economy that if adjusts in function of other economies that also are dependents. Of certain form, all the nations are interdependent and none of them is free entirely. Commemorated native independence in the seven of September is a glorious form to remember national sovereignty, as one invisible trophy that if divides in borders and if consummates in treat. Fellow creature to the home of the Brazilian citizen, who sample that it is the owner, but that the thieves who do not respect limits enter to steal inside of the other people’s property. We cannot close the eyes for the conquests of our people, however we cannot accept exactly that always it tries to gain the people in the shout, that is the shout of independence. It seems that until our independence they had wanted to earn in the shout.


August 12th, 2016

I declare to the hypothetical ones: Of very far it is that it comes me such stubbornness: I want to lose where the life has to swear the profit to me. That the ancestral impetus crossed millenia, was multiplied no longer minimum and of the millions of incomplete, desirous units of a pack any, lesser world where the life can human being form to acquire, here it is a success. In day twenty and eight of November of 1985 I cry, it of a child was born greater that the scared boy. Between fados and sinas I see the excesses of the destination. I had silenced the hunger when in my present body one became the derivatives of the wheat. For all life I inherited of mine a disturbance body that meagers.

The anguish had that me for absence yours, perhaps. For the rejoicing of that one, I learned culinria, I cultivated seeds for the joy of the beings, I did not play in the soil. I prevented aversion, so that thus the anger of the men of Einstein sleeps. When younger, I fed street dog. I needed godfather. E, walking alone, I judged in the time what it remained of some star: of this the holy ghost cosmic enthusiasm twenty will have my body yours six.

Some returns around the barycentre of this system 1 swore me this. I have, at last, what it wants the life to me. It lacks to me now only what I want. I want insolent woman when of the force of the life if to make my tdio. One only sincere friend is enough to me to confess me 2. I ask for of the world the secret; an existence without fear. I want a sincere oath, the optimism of the wait the honesty of the love.