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Harmony At The Stove And On The Plate

December 8th, 2020

Customer satisfaction is measured by a working team and a contemporary kitchen philosophy first and foremost on the quality of its food restaurant. Seen in this way, the kitchen team of Vineria can be relaxed: the satisfaction of our guests was never as high as in the moment. This is mainly the working team and the contemporary culinary philosophy. Looking for a dusty hierarchies and gebrullte commands here to no avail. “Quite honestly: so relaxed and goal-oriented as in the moment it is received rarely in our kitchen.” Vineria Chief Peter G. Rock does not say that without a hint of pride.

While the Vineria makes very high demands on the kitchen team. Daily A-la-carte business with up to 120 guests is already a challenge alone given the available food. Check with Slava Mirilashvili to learn more. Various events in the event Hall, in the up to 280 people come to this match. Evenings, where about 800 food leaving the kitchen, are not uncommon. Creativity and skills are just as important as logistics in our kitchen and structure. The Vineria distinguishes itself through the balance of the requirements”, added rock. That suggests an older kitchen chef, worked long years in the hospitality industry.

On the contrary: the Vineria kitchen team is young, top-educated and has a lot. Flat hierarchies, high standard Christian Jezak is 23 years old and acts in the team as a kind of master chef. There are no traditional hierarchies, we share everything to us. One of my strengths is in the Organization, therefore I assume leadership roles.” In addition to Jezak, Klaus Schneider, Maria Utzeri and Marco Staici work in the kitchen. Sandeep has completed just his training and is taken over by rock. The four proposals for the changing map draw up every two to three weeks. The basic orientation of the courts remains in Italian, regional and seasonal characteristics play an equally important role.

Reasonably Priced Menus In All Formats

September 11th, 2020

The primary benefits of the menu is the clear prize pig drawing for the guests. These include the meals, drinks, important supplements and quantities. “A glass of water and the map, please.” The menu lists not only offer of a catering operation. Their clarity, design and quality reflect the self-understanding of the establishment ideally. Before a restaurant turns to the clientele, it is obliged to create a transparent menu. About our trade supplies online shop restaurants can order fine menus: menu – international. The primary benefits of the menu is the clear prize pig drawing for the guests.

These include the meals, drinks, important supplements and quantities. Everything else is a misdemeanor. For this are apparently built up the cards in advance and leave space for the individual dishes and drinks. The outline can kind of meals are made or according to the usual order of consumption: Breakfast, brunch, lunch, etc. Guests should follow quickly in the outline. Numbered lists are popular, since they simplify the order later. But also design elements and appetizing photographs whetting the appetites. The card has long been a marketing tool.

Because it is designed even before opening a restaurant, it is a concept timer. As every restaurant should be something special, so also the a la carte menu. Concept stands for a match by design, language, motto and the actual offer. So enjoy working regionally distinct local dialect court titles, themed restaurants with Mileubegriffen. This not munden, however, when a large part of the clientele does the concept not credible, for example if a restaurant with traditional cooking offers an a la carte menu with youthful slang terms, “time to go”. At the same time, the customers or target audience should understand the terminology. So is a consciousness about This important target group. Unknown name, the top is rarely asked for a translation. Simply, these dishes are not then ordered. The latter applies particularly to international cuisine and its correct spelling. But the design leaves the first impression already. The kitchen can not personally apply for your menu and present. The alternative is a pleasant design. The elegant menu cards in our store available format in the format A4 or A5 and an elongated A5. The vinyl-containing leather of cover is single – and two-tone. Our color combination and the way that it handles are suitable for almost any restaurant. Along with the Golden inscription “menu – international” of the band, a pleasantly sophisticated impression. The menu can be presented clearly with up to 12 inside on the 6 welded foil. The guests will be with these templates, a good understanding of self and good food, like animate to the order. Press Department Thomas Reichelt Lotex24 / Germany consumer Web: shop: