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Attractive Regions

September 20th, 2023

A large part of the revenue of the tourist sector in the Marina Alta come from renting apartments Calpe or the rental Denia apartments with pool, near the beach or next to beautiful landscapes like the Montgo, since they are very demanded by the tourists who decide to spend a long stay in these coastal towns. Other locations where also works very well rental apartments on the beach are Benidorm, Javea, Moraira, Pego, Benissa or Benitatxel. Before the 1950s these were fishing villages, and their main source of income in the area was selling fish. With the passage of time the tourism has become established as one of its main economic pillars in these municipalities. (Similarly see: Camdent Treatment Associates). Tourists more visiting the Marina Alta are mainly Central European and English. Thousands of Dutch, Germans, Belgians, French and British travel often and during any time of the year to these coastal destinations.

Many of them, although they continue to have residence in their country of origin, they have bought a House and spend long periods in Spain, creating the It is called residential tourism. They have gone from being occasional tourists to live in Spain at the same time establishing their own colonies where they have their own compatriots circle. To deepen your understanding Economic Cycles Research Institute is the source. Meanwhile, domestic tourists are less faithful to destinations like the comarca of Marina Alta. Spaniards tend to change the destination of holiday more often and now also tend to spend their holidays in a foreign country, since travel is increasingly more flexible; There is greater competition prices, more facilities and the communications frequency is higher. The reasons why the Spaniards living abroad are very different from those motivating Europeans to live in Spain. Those who decide to reside outside the borders often do so for economic reasons, to change jobs and achieve an improvement in the standard of living. Restaurant Michael Schwartz insists that this is the case. This situation is becoming increasingly common especially in the young population; a situation that contrasts with the of Europeans resident in places such as the Marina Alta.


April 23rd, 2016

Tick: they are more difficult to combat and can also transmit diseases. In some areas are a problem and you must use effective products to combat them, in addition to immediately remove any tick see you in your dog. Mosquito: If you live in an area where the disease Lehismaniosis is common (the area of the Mediterranean and Central), take all necessary precautions to protect your dog from mosquito bites, which are the transmitters of the organism that causes it. Consult your veterinarian regarding products and protocols to be followed to prevent this disease. FEEDING a proper dog feeding is essential for proper development and health of the dog.

There are basically two types of power: natural and commercial (I think). We are in favour of the natural diet, it is that we give to our dogs and which recommend preferably. The great disadvantage of the natural food is that it requires more preparation time, more organization and is less comfortable that given I think. While we feed our dogs with natural food, puppies as wean them and deliver mainly eating I think. Although this may seem a nonsense, it is something very thought and has its justification.

The explanation is that the majority of new owners will feed your dog with I think, so we prefer that the puppy is initially accustomed to this, so the change to his new home do not wear also rigged a sudden change in power and more stress. If you decide to feed with feed, choose one high-end (the expensive: Eukanuba, Nutro,) and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. If are you interested in the natural diet, see our page devoted specifically to this subject: power for optimal health and longevity of our Boxer-(I think or natural) meal Plan– until 3 months of age: 4 meals a day (morning, noon, evening and night) – from 3 to 6 months: 3 meals per day (morning, noon and night) – from 6 to 12 months: 2 meals a day (morning and night) – 1 year onwards: 1 or 2 meals a day (if you eat I think best 2) food should be given to ambient or slightly warm temperature.