Bulgarian Communist Movement

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Dilma Rousseff Only one thing returns an impossible dream: the fear to fail. Paulo Coelho Interesting to emphasize, like in the last years, feminine sex has come scaling determining steps in the policy and more in the countries like Latin America, specifically, where Dilma Rousseff becomes the new president of the immense country as it is Brazil. On the matter of this event, that finishes occurring with the victory of the new Brazilian president, noticias.latam.msn.com comments: Welcome to the club of the companions of gnero" they were the words with which the Argentine president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner congratulated Brazilian the elect agent chief executive of the Dilma Rousseff, that prevailed this 31 of October with an ample margin on the Social Democrat Jose Serra. In fact one is " Club" , as she asserts Fernandez to it, since the women are few who are been at the top of governments in a region where they usually are masculinity victims, prejudices and in many cases I mistreat. The good news is that, although the number is under if it is compared with the men who have occupied the first magistrature, the average raises if it considers that in many countries of the region the feminine vote is relatively recent, as the case of Costa Rica, where Chinchilla arrived at the presidency after 60 years of approval of the universal suffrage. Who is Dilma Rousseff? On her it contributes Wikipedia to us, that Dilma Rousseff is daughter of Dilma Koimbra Silva and the industralist and Bulgarian lawyer Pedro Rousseff, of Jewish origin and member assets of the Bulgarian Communist Movement that it had to migrate to France for political reasons in 1929, where it lived until the beginning of World War II. Later it was changed to Argentina and finally to Brazil, where one married with Dilma Koimbra Silva.


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