Antonio Raposo Tavares

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Piet Haydn, dutch privateer, capture 38 ships, in Brazil. 31.1628? Piet Haydn captures some Spanish ships, with gold, silver, skins, pearls, etc., and delivers for the Company of Commerce of Occidental India. 32.1629? The expedition of Antonio Raposo Tavares and Black Manoel leaves So Paulo, attacks and destroys the missions of Guara, to the edges of the River Paran, in the Paran, Argentina and Paraguay. ‘ was one; ‘ flag apresadora’ ‘ if composed in 69 whites, 900 mamelucos (beaters interpreters) and 2000 indians. He had a chaplain and alone they left the mass after. 33.1630? 77 dutch ships with 7000 men invade Pernambuco. 34.1630? The Quilombo of the Palmares, in Alagoas, appeared initially with 40 blacks, and grew as much that in 1699 had been necessary almost 8 a thousand men, per some weeks to destroy it.

35.1637? Maurcio de Nassau arrives at Brazil, in Pernambuco, nominated governor-generality, for Holland. 36.1637? Peter Teixeira has left of Belm, in Par, and reaches the High Wood. First delimitation of Brazil with the Andean countries (Bolivia and Peru). 37.1640? Portugal is broken up of Spain, for the war. 38.1640? With the separation of Spain, Portugal starts to be governed by the dynasty of Bragana, with D.

Joo IV. 39.1640? Portugal crosses the phase of ‘ ‘ restaurao’ ‘ , after to become free itself of Spain, with the sufficiently difficult economic situation. 40.1640? The Jesuit priests restore missions of catequese for the River Amazon and its tributaries, for thousand of kilometers rivers above, arriving at the region of Peru, Roraima and Bolivia, with the military contribution, constructing blockhouses. 41.1644? Maurcio de Nassau expands its attributions for the coast north of Brazil and supplying areas of slaves, in Africa. Well it is not seen by its directors and he is dismissed. 42.1645? The luso-Brazilians, using to advantage the resignation of Nassau, attack the dutches, in Pernambuco, and obtain the first victory.


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