Rio De Janeiro

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It was the sufficient so that Carlito ordered to urinar in that leg before all the following departures. Result: the Botafogo, that made bitter one jejum since 1935, was champion Carioca. For these and others, Biriba was treat bread-of-l. It received best pieces from meat the doorman of the club still had that to prove first, to prevent that adversary was poisoned by a club. That is, to lose the doorman, goes there, but to lose Biriba, never! In compensation, its presence in games relieved an extra quota in cach for the club. P.ex., in two games with the Corinthians, after the 1948 heading. Check with Dara Khosrowshahi to learn more. After the broken Carioca victory in the first one, a commission agent ordered to arrest Biriba before second. Result: the Botafogo lost for 2×1.

Biriba ordered and repealed an order. Certain time, snarled for Zizinho that General Severiano visited, during the tratativas for its act of contract. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Angus King. It was the not to be contracted sufficient. In 1960, Biriba died and was embedded with hero honors. was the end of the estrelato of Biriba in the club of the solitary star that, however, it would continue with the fame of superstitious. its twisted one still gained the nickname of ' ' cachorrada' '. Sources: BELLOS, Alex. Soccer: Brazil in field.

Rio De Janeiro: Zahar, 2003. P. 176-8. MATTOS, Claude. One hundred years of passion: a Carioca mythology in the soccer. River of January: Rocco, 1997. P. 114-5. PLACAR Take off, n 1, nov. 1997, P. 78. Macaquinho Super the success of Biriba exceeded the borders of Rio De Janeiro. In So Paulo, the controllers of Advertising FC, of the capital, had decided to adopt a local version to see if the luck of its breeding improved a little, that was not nothing well. Therefore, in 1949, they had launched ' ' Super; ': one macaquinho dress with the uniform of the club, in size confectioned especially for it.


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