Responsibility Is A Critical Trait

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Some people think that responsibility is a burden and fail to see it as something important. Find it helpful to see if someone else’s problem. These people do not assume their responsibilities, however, when it comes to their rights Ason the first to claim them! Not be one of those people, develop your responsibility, avoids excuses to evade it, for example: Avoid blaming the other, or say “I am free and I do what I please”, wanting to express that is not accountable for your behavior to anyone. In order to take away responsibility for one’s own conscience, can you avoid thinking about the situation or get into your head that “any issue you care” or a you do not care There are also excuses to avoid responsibility before God and these are many. From saying that God does not exist, to be religious (or) and willing to overlook and not be accountable for their actions.

HOW TO IMPROVE THE ACCOUNTABILITY? Liability to others: Be brave, for your own actions to realize it takes a value capable of overcoming the fear of punishment. Responsibility for the same: Be humble, the proud woman finds it difficult to ask for forgiveness, while the humble recognizes its value judgments. Accountability to God: The pious, who appreciates the great gift of being a child of God ensures that its behavior is pleasing to his Father. Responsibility Financial: Talk with your spouse of the household finances, take an interest in the subject and tell him you want to collaborate, either managing the food budget, organizing trips, explain where you are investing the money or how to mobilize the money in an emergency, you should be aware of your cash flow. This is also your responsibility. Both should have a financial plan in which each party has an associated responsibility, everyone must be accountable to make ends meet and ensure that everything goes as planned, if you want to elaborate on the financial issue, I invite you to read this blog and Financial Security. A responsible person fulfills the duty assigned to him and remains faithful to the objective. The responsibilities are carried out with integrity and sense of purpose.


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