List Of World Heritage

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Another ancient city on the List of World Heritage – a little of Lijiang in Yunnan Province. The main attraction of the town – lined with multicolored stone plates, street-Syfan area – one of the centers of the Silk and Tea trade routes of antiquity. The special charm of its crossing the city gives hundreds of creeks and streams, through which deployed about 1,000 bridges built in different times and in different styles. In Guangzhou, the capital of Guangdong province, stretching along the coast of the South China Sea, the main zoo is worth visiting the country, the Museum of Guangzhou, mosques and Guantasy Huayseng, pagoda and temple Zhenhay Six fig trees. The city itself is an open economic zone with a highly developed trade and aspiring to develop intensively in marine resorts.

Nearby Nanjing, the ancient (before 1420), the country's capital, known for wide boulevards and shady trees, that in a sufficiently hot local climate (often referred to as 'one of the three furnaces of China') turns it into an oasis. There remain many medieval buildings, including the city wall of Ming (33 km. – the longest city wall of the world), the temples and pagodas and the mausoleum of the first President of the Republic of China Sun Yat-sen east of the city. Chongqing – one of the ancient cities of China, its history goes back more than three thousand years. The city is known for its old, clinging to the slopes of the mountains, neighborhoods, hot springs, scenic foothills of the mountains and Tszinyunshan Nanshan, as well as Oolong nearby caves, wooded park Tszinfoshan, rock carvings Datszu, colorful waterfalls on the river in the mountains of Wushan Ziyang, a magnificent fortress 'Dyaoyuychen' in Hechuane, architectural and landscape ensemble Shibaochzhay fortress in the county Chzhunsyan, Zhang Fei's shrine in Yunyane, Buddhist monastery in the county Shuanguytan Lyanpin and 'stone forest' Vanshen County.


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