Stretch Ceiling Prices

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Have you studied in high school economics? No? Then a small excursion into the laws of the discipline we have done in this short article, citing the cost of suspended ceilings. The price for suspended ceilings made up of several components: the producer firm. How often do we part of the price we pay is not just for goods but for the brand or name, whether suspended ceilings or something else. In addition, of course, the quality of ceilings eminent manufacturers of very high and sometimes is to overpay, than to incur additional costs to repair or replace the ceiling. Foreign manufacturers of suspended ceilings from France, Sweden or Germany, traditionally considered a leader in this industry, in addition to providing the highest quality ceiling coverings are investing in the price and even transportation and customs costs – where do without them. Production technology of stretch ceiling. Latest technology production, appearing in the west, mnogozatratny and raise the price of the modern suspended ceilings, but at the same time increasing the quality as linen, and fastening. Warranty period for suspended ceilings in connection with the modernization production also increases with each passing year.

Mount technology. Stretch ceilings are installed in several ways – harpoon, bezgarpunnym, cam, shtapikovym. Here, the most expensive, yet high-tech qualitative method of securing a harpoon. At this savings is not worth it, because, for example, bezgarpunny method does not allow repair or partial removal of the ceiling, if you suddenly flooded neighbors. The method of cutting. There are two types of stretch ceilings seam and seamless.

Seamless stretch ceilings are much more expensive because they are made of different material – different both in appearance and quality. And, most importantly, decide whether you want to make sure you the ceiling was a seam or not. The design of stretch ceiling. You can choose a multi-level suspended ceiling or any non-standard geometric shapes – it will be very stylish and beautiful, but yet not exactly cheap. Texture and texture of stretch ceilings. Here we come to the fun that excites you and me as consumers. The price for suspended ceilings, of course, depends on what texture you choose. If you are completely satisfied with matte white ceiling, it will be much cheaper than the ceiling under the suede, leather or wood. Mounting fixtures. Light in the ceilings will look very elegant. He will emphasize the dignity of the interior or hide disadvantages. But the more lamps mounted on the ceiling, the more it will cost you. And finally – this is the color. Stretch ceilings are able to not only be of any shade, but with any photographs or drawings. Of course, photo printing in the stretch ceilings fun is not cheap, but here you get the ceiling with a photograph of the woman or at least favorite car, with an endless meadow or sunset. A seamless stretch ceiling yet Allows you to apply any artistic painting.


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