Mediterranean Sea

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A short flight, one of the many deals on cheap flights from Ibiza to Barcelona, then throughout the weekend to enjoy music, dancing, party and the move to Ibiza, and then back to work, with the happiness of having enjoyed one of the most amazing collective experiences, the electronic megafiestas in Ibiza. Without a doubt, the most representative of Ibiza album is Pacha. In fact, Pacha is a chain of disks, present in a dozen countries. Throughout its remarkable history, Pacha has become synonymous with cutting-edge electronic music. The first Pacha was founded in 1967 in Sitges in Catalonia by businessman Ricardo Urgell, who at that time was 29 years young. The venture, carried out with his brother, was to help his family.

Surely not in their happiest dreams imagined the global success of Pasha would have. In 1973, Urgell opens the mythical Pacha Ibiza, local with more world-renowned chain. The secret of Pacha and his resounding success is the music of avant-garde that is touched in their classrooms. In fact, Pacha is the site of launch of the best musicians and DJ s of electronics in the world. Those who have the privilege to play at Pacha, very soon occupy the close-ups of the global electronic music scene, because Pacha trendsetting. Examples of first-rate musicians born in Pacha are David Guetta DJ support Madonna in her last world tour Sticky and Sweet Tour in 2008 – and Ministry of Sound (important compiler seal of electronic music of the United Kingdom). While the season of festivals and Raves is during the summer, in Pacha music sounds throughout the year. With the cheap flights between Ibiza and Barcelona’s last hour might get tickets to lodging, to not miss any of the electronic scene, and, incidentally, take advantage of this fantastic Mediterranean Sea with its beaches of white sands and pristine waters. In the old quarter of Ibiza, it is possible to walk, buy souvenirs and clothing, or enjoy a drink in one of the hundreds of bars and inns that give that appearance of Mediterranean villa so special that it has to Ibiza.


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