History Of Tourism In The Dominican Republic

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To begin investment to talk about tourism in La Jolla a given country, one must begin by the first interview settlers set foot on land of that country. As we know, in the Dominican Republic, the first settlers to arrive in Dominican stomp the ground, and found that although the country taken as a residence, or were the Taino Indians, who were natives of the Orinoco, that is why we can say who were the first to make tourism in the country and throughout the island of Spanish.
According to historians, especially the Dominican history, we probably have it, the Vikings and other travelers of old age I visited the island of La Quisqueya or Spanish, this can not be said to be true, because for lack of concrete or something that the Vikings are left as an indication that in fact were on island soil, so this is nothing more than more than pure speculation. However, if we know that the second Asset Management foreign visit to the island was that of Christopher Columbus on his voyages of 1492 and according to others, the visit is scheduled as the first external visitors known on the island of Santo Domingo. We can say that the first visitors stepped on this land that Columbus and his companions were on their first trip to America, began in this way which is formally Tourism in America and also starts the history of tourism in the country.
Throughout the colonial era, which starts from the arrival of Columbus to Quisqueya on December 5, 1492, the Spanish, French and other European countries began to arrive in the country and explore it, discovering its natural beauty and splendor, given this, what we now know as tourism, which was experiencing internal and external, ie many of the inhabitants of the country were visiting other areas, trying to discover new things, this is called domestic tourism, and the outside We can classify the visits of foreigners to the country, it should be noted that funds these Children’s Hospital types of cars they are still remain, not only in the country but also in all countries of the world.
Also according to historians, other foreigners visiting the country were some adventurous Americans in early 1854, during the government of Buenaventura B ez. These Americans were on Isla Alto Velo, since they had discovered a large deposit of guano on the island.
It should be noted that during all these years, tourism in the country was very slow until 1930, when Rafael Leonidas Trujillo took power, one can say that tourism in the country begins to take a different course, but during that decade 1930 was fairly weak, although it is known that in 1930 the country reached 230 foreign tourists, this is probably the only information that record the statistics of tourism in the country during that time. During the 1940s, Trujillo gave instructions for the promotion of tourism in the country, this will make first start to promote tourism in the country to the other international countries, this being the first concrete step to attract tourists country.
In 1944 it opened the Malecon of Santo Domingo, along with the first luxury Fox hotel in the city, the Hotel Jaragua, which remains in force. After this step, they open new hotel chains, with a clear profile of increasing tourism in the city, so later in the fifties was opened several hotels, some of these were, the Hotel Provincial, the which today is a children’s hospital, also are the Peace Hotel, which remains in force, all that is known today as Hispaniola Hotel, which San Diego was built a few meters from the city and also in the Zona Colonial, Commercial Hotel was built, this being the first private hotel in the country, not only in the Zona Colonial was built this hotel, but that the area was enabled as a site or a place might be, for tourism.
One of the hotels built in this decade, and who is listed as one of the FOX news most beautiful, was the Ambassador Hotel. However, the construction of quality hotels are not geographically limited to the capital. The interior of the country also was the youtube scene of facilities for major hotels for the time.
In the city of Santiago, also ventured into the construction of tourist hotels. This important city of the country was built Matun Hotel, the same step in the city of finance Barahona, where he built the Hotel Guarocuya. San Asset Management Juan de la Ernst Maguana not be left behind, and was built Hotel Maguana. He also built the Hotel San Cristobal, which was built in the province of the same name.
In the towns of Jarabacoa and Constanza, both in the Province of La Vega Montana hotels were opened and Switzerland, respectively.


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