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Entrepreneurs and business experts are agreed that marketing or advertising is the core piece to penetrate the minds of future customers. This art is the first where the employer tends to develop and focus much of their training, resources and efforts. And on the Internet is no exception. Use and mix different marketing strategies are intended to present the characteristics of the business through different fronts future clients. The importance of the marketing lies in its ability and efficiency to take the business to the market where customers seek and review opportunities. In the case of web sites or blogs, one of the marketing strategies more important to have a presence on the Internet, is marketing with articles. Why implement the marketing with articles? A powerful reason is that it is the easiest and fastest way to promote a website.

It is not only easy and fast, it is mainly free of charge. Contrary to the marketing strategy typical worldwide corporate, where hundreds and even thousands of dollars are being spent, marketing with articles is free. Later, we will talk about some fundamentals of marketing with articles. Another advantage is that it gives you a direct and immediate worldwide exposure. Another proven benefit of marketing with articles is that it is 100% efficient.

This well used technique you closer to your target customer, translating it over time into profits. When the technique is properly applied. Once you did the work, all you have to do is observe how your website will be gradually visited and therefore promoted, i.e., more and more customers visit your link and this is going to continue and continue. To continucacion will show you 4 basic steps of marketing with article: first, try to make an article or a comment about your brand, in your case, your web site or blog, what you’re selling or what you intend to offer.


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