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In this century that has knowledge simply goes left behind, and is forgotten as a piece of scrap to the drift of the sea that goes away, until inevitably our view poor is not enough to display in the bluish landscape. Yes or similar mind we feel many of the Venezuelans who are or who someday will choose to take a course or simply trying to broaden our knowledge on other horizons. This situation is seen in the look of disappointment for many of us when we have to deal with the currency Administration Commission, or CADIVI, whose function in some way is to handle the international currency such as the dollar. In our country has undoubtedly hindered and has been an obstacle more in the aspirations many of us have when wanting to supplement our studies in foreign countries or simply travel to other country for personal recreation purposes, visit and get to know other cultures to the rededor of the world. Not even fit on the head why and why all Venezuelans have to apply to a process in which we have to specify every detail of our visit to another country.It is our money, if we get activities you licit should not have any problem either in delivering dollars them to those who are of age and all those who are not, proquad we have representatives who are responsible for us.

This is definitely a difficulty that increasingly takes more strength against our academic, personal, professional and cultural aspirations. With some regularity listen when you find yourself another Venezuelan in a foreign country the chilling urge to flee our country, and at rumbar to another where there are no such huge limitations. Obviously the solution to the problem posed by Chavez in 2003 when CADIVI is No capital flight in which I believe is practicing this type of economic policies that are detrimental to seriously to many of us. But do such policies without creating any kind of so drastic repercussions. By such a situation brought about by the Government created some mafia types handled by a black hand whose business is establishing its own price of the black dollar and sell it at the back of the Government. This dollar is bought from a common without any consent from the Government, which has within its advantages to not having to do any process so complicated and tedious as it is from CADIVI, another advantage to consider is, which is more quickly since receive it the cash CHIN CHIN which is very different if we talk about the process of CADIVI because it takes much more, as it has lasting weeks and even many months depending on the nature of the request and the quantity ordered; coupled with the incessant anguish of knowing if it is approved or not the dollar supposedly this 4.29 but thats the officer, dollar black in double casually placing priced approximate between 8,52 and 11.96, clear those prices will depend on the seller and the buyer need;Remember that these precious are only as reference by which any entity of the State supports such prices over-valued then CADIVI represents an advantage or disadvantage today, you think, and remember that every Government has within its functions transform the disadvantages into advantages, inequality in equity and the deficit into surplus, in addition to this it should ensure cultural as monetary among others developmentso in order to improve the fundamental part of society is the family. Data provided by: my blog: original author and source of the article.


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