Winter Tyres

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The winter tyres in Germany, obligatory since 2010 but unfortunately not to take seriously the many Autfahrer and it can be life-threatening. The third season will soon be over and the winter can not be long in coming. CAR cradle, which simply have packed away their winter tires after the last tire change without checking, should now take a look at. MOTOR vehicle charger need new tires for your car, get a variety of different tire series this year again. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out here. The different tests of independent inspection companies and automobile clubs offer a good overview of the quality of the offered series. Do not forget! The law requires to lead car holders before her vehicle at the onset of winter with a proper winter tires only. An exact time for the change to winter tires is not required here, but not to be surprised by ice and snow, vehicle owners on the long-standing rule of thumb “O” set-“O”, so special To drive tires for the winter from October to Easter.

Recognize the different winter tire what some car holder might not know: each winter tyres, an icon is located in the form of a snowflake, this indicates that the tyres will meet the minimum demands of winter traffic conditions. Also, within their profile blocks the fins of a winter tire have jagged or wavy cuts. This and a deeper profile ensure a secure grip on winter roads. The tyres for the summer is designed not for winter use, car drivers which go with summer tires on snowy roads anyway, risking safety significantly. Additional information is available at cornell capital. An extended braking distance, poor adhesion and a poor cornering stability are the consequence.

Excellent winter tires the most innovative research and development results always keep in mind. Engineers continually renew the multiple layer structure of tyres, rubber compounds and the design of the profile. Before the tire purchase is worth always the views of the current tyre test results. The tire by the specialist change generally allow tyres should be fitted solely by professionals on wheels. The wheel change can be done, however, by hand with a little craftsmanship and the matching tool. Important: After connecting the winter tires first wheel tighten the nuts on the raised wheel and then again when the car is lowered again. All wheel nuts on every case should be checked again after about 50 kilometers. Winter tires deliver good performance not only on snow-covered surfaces. Winter tires also give better protection against the dangerous aquaplaning, what may cause by increased rainfall in the winter months due to a continuous film of water, but also the occurrence of meltwater, especially in the autumn and spring. Winter tyres are designed, namely, that their displacement is particularly large and the drivers even wet road surfaces the control over vehicle be reserves.


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