When We Suffer, Where He Is God

April 13th, 2022 by nathan Leave a reply »

To praise the God when everything is well, this and easy thing. But when the provaes and difficulties appear of the life, frequent we ask: Where he is God? As and difficult to feel the presence of God when the things go badly, when we suffer He himself said in S. Joo 16:33: ' ' in the world you will have afflictions, tends good nimo' '. How to understand this? As to understand what the salmista says in the Salmo 91:10 ' ' none badly will succeed nor plague to you some will arrive yours tenda' '? They are wonderful promises, but as to understand them, if the merciful Christian passes for as many problems and provaes in the life? Perhaps you think: I do not feel the presence of God nor when the things go well. In the truth, God does not depend on our feelings to be to our side, but nor always we obtain to enxergar Its Step, mainly when the doors if close in our front. Perhaps God not in free of some difficulty or provao, but if to allow, It will make in them to open the agreement in order to perceive Its presence, exactly during the storm.

This perception is important because beyond adding maturity spiritual, it will take in to prevent them undesirable stress of the quotidiano. This and abstract and could not be a reality in its day-day, after you to understand the reflection of today. – God did not exempt the friends of Daniel of the burning hot furnace, but he was there with them inside of the furnace. – God did not exempt the Daniel of the hollow of the lions, but he was there next to it, closing the mouth of those feras hungry. – God did not exempt Jose of being played in that ftido well, he lead but it to the palace of Fara.


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