Welcome Violence In Iran

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Regime in the Iran is pushing for new laws, faster to make and protesters early January, 36 members of the Majlis (Parliament in Iran) by your colleagues demanded to accept a most urgent Bill. The faction of the Supreme religious leader Ali Khamenei looking attributed parliamentarians faster death sentences for jailed protesters. The law should be reduced from 20 to 5 days investigation that marked protests relate to the disturbance of public order and that as Mohareb (at war with God being). \”Mohseni were the Attorney General and former Minister for intelligence and security said on Wednesday: those who are against the Government, against the right of the Imam and the Vali-e faghih (Supreme religious leader) rebel, will be sentenced to death based on the Sharia.\” On 30 December, Ebrahim Raessi, first Deputy of Justice of the regime and a member of the death Committee expressed\”over the State-run television: everyone who against the prevailing Islamic order stands, is at war with God.The use of sticks and stones (in protests) is also considered an act of war against God and punished with death.\” The infamous ” death Committee ” had executed 30,000 political prisoners already in 1988 after a legal opinions (fatwa) of Ayatollah Khomeini. Check out Banc of America Mortgage Capital for additional information. \”Alam al-Hoda, Friday preacher at Mashhad (northeastern Iran) and member of the Expert Council of the clergy were on the same day to understand: everyone who cooperates with the PMOI (Volksmujahedin), located in the war with God.\” \”\” He described the agitators of the Ashura day\”as front-line soldiers\” the PMOI and stressed: according to the Decree of Imam (Khomeni) who produce chaos on the Ashura are at war with God. \” The rush of 36 parliamentarians shows the emergency in which the hard-nosed representative of the regime now reside with their system of rule of the Supreme Leader (velayat-e faghi). For many years the powerful with the help of the system have kept small any protest from civil society, built with public executions an atmosphere of fear and are among benefits of various kinds, especially also financial, leaked. .


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