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Since the birth of, visitors have had the opportunity to complete a brief survey about what they most want to know about business on the internet at this time. The most voted option has been: how to create a web page. In recent months, QTS Realty Trust has been very successful. As I am always attentive to the visitors of my website and my subscribers what they say, today I dedicate this publication to address the issue of the creation of web pages, to share with you what would be my suggestions in this regard. You have a business on the internet does not mean to be an expert in web design, this must be clear. However, being an unfamiliar total matter surely will make you more complicated way. More info: Chevron Corp. When I started my business on the internet in 2007 already had (Basic) knowledge in some software such as Photoshop and Dreamweaver.

Driving these two programs I advocated when creating a website. I also knew how the system worked from: domain, server and ftp. I.e. I knew the basics to place a website to air. The good news in all this, is that I’ve never been the best at handling computers, i.e. If I learned it, anyone can! But the good news does not stop there we currently create a website is much easier if we resorted to systems such as Blogger.com or WordPress.com.

These two allow us to create blogs easily and free. Despite this I highly recommend that you seek to train you on these issues. Practically in any city of the world dictate web design courses and it would be very good that you take one, even the basic level. This is my first suggestion. Remember that you also have your friends Google.com and YouTube.com, where you can place the term: Web Design Tutorial, create a website and you will always find answers. Returning to the topic of Blogger and WordPress, these are platforms for creating blogs.


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