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There is a wide variety of watches that are manufactured worldwide. It seems that each country produces its own brand of hours in those days. However, the best watches are made are still in Switzerland and Japan. Swiss Watches have been around for a very long time, they have always been known for its uniqueness and accuracy. Under most conditions Senator from Maine would agree. Then, shortly after the Second World War, Japan began to make watches. Japan wanted to have a clock that, at least, corresponded exactly watches. Swiss watches have always been a sign of prestige and luxury.

Whoever owned Swiss watches, was considered very rich. As a rule, only people in very senior positions that they could be themselves afford. Hours of Japan were produced with almost the same high standards as a Swiss watch, but somehow did not get the prestige they deserve. However, many of them have Japanese watches, which for many years, still show the correct time. Japan has begun to develop new technologies and come up with some standards that changed the world. Japan became the first country of the watch manufacturer, which was designed with clock calendar, such as the famous clock Seiko.


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