Warming Roofs

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As soon as we enjoy the warm summer sun, and now in August – the last month of the hottest time of year. People started building his home in a hurry to have time to do all the major work on warming up to the first frost. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Senator Angus King . Experts argue that not insulated house can be lost through the roof and 30 per cent of heat. As a result, increases the energy consumption for heating buildings. Through the use of high-quality insulation ISOVER (Isover) and corrugated or siding, shingles, the house will be comfortable all year: in winter, warm, and pleasantly cool in summer, and from external noise can izbavitsya.Blagodarya insulation pitched roof, not only keep warm in the house, but it will be possible to equip under-roof space, the so-called attic, and make there living room.

After all the extra rooms no roof insulation pomeshayut.Dlya in the company "StroyLider" offers a plate ISOVER pitched roof," which have extra protection from moisture, which supports natural ventilation in the house, thanks to the porous structure of the material and significantly reduces the level of penetration of the street noise in pomeschenie.Utepliv slopes, you can do the ceiling. For ceilings, experts advise to apply ISOVER warms." It keeps well in the house warm in winter and cool in summer. Sam Feldman may not feel the same. He absorbs sound better than the materials with closed porosity, which is why isolation "insulates" helps reduce noise by 20%. In addition, it is non-combustible material and, in case of fire, do not emit toxic gases and is not conducive to the spread of fire. Also for insulating ceilings, builders often use fiberglass rolls ISOVER CT-40" – light heat and sound insulation. The relatively low price and high quality insulation does this brand is particularly popular with builders and private zastroyschikov.Utepliteli KNAUF, which are in the range "StroyLider" also meet the highest requirements for insulation materials. They environmentally friendly with low thermal conductivity and high resistance to stress. A vapor-permeable and water-repellent insulation Knauf guarantee stability over the entire life cycle design.


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