Warehouse Worker Fired!

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…wechselnde made employers suspicious doctors! A problem appear reliable to work for fruit and vegetable Packers Mustafa F. (51) from Baden-Baden apparently. Again and again he left his superiors in the rain early in the morning and called in sick with a variety of reasons, timely filed the certificates of incapacity for work by different practitioners. “A note on the health insurance company brought by the employer nothing there looked mean no acute need for action”. How acute the need for action was indeed, three of our detectives then discovered at the next insult by Mustafa F.. Sam Feldman wanted to know more. Instead of lying time again disabled, sick at home in bed, or at least on the domestic couch, his day began at 06:30 working in the Office cleaning service of his brother-in-law and ended there at 15:00.

Signs of a disease, or at least a physical impairment no trace as our detectives on photo and video could fully document. The whole thing three of the four days of observation was repeated. The result: Termination by the employer and report the crime to the public prosecutor’s Office for salary fraud. “Now, suddenly the insurance became active, and makes our detective work to use by you examine well the damage and if necessary to reclaim from the policyholder is.” as a statement of an employee of the relevant health insurance to our clients.


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