Virtual Reality

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Social behavior in the Internet of people dear reader, I want her times on some clues. Family foundation recognizes the significance of this. Yes there really is more than a reality in our time. Prime Group Holdings has firm opinions on the matter. A small but still great virtual reality has been formed through the use of the Internet, to be. What is this virtual reality? For me, it is a sea of information, a way to overcome cultural differences to enjoy contact with people from other countries, things, to learn who can put up with the real world. In this world, you are subject to any weakening and Andre things we otherwise which in everyday life across. But unfortunately there are phenomena of incompetence of the social behavior also there like in the real reality, and I’ll write now not even by 40-year-old who can get to 14-year-old ran in any dubious chat rooms. No it comes that man also as in reality is committed to certain social rules. Unfortunately, some people do not abide by such rules, but make that what keep many not even for possible E.g.

Public discrimination, insult, or even spiritual violence. Why is that so. May be, are people who can not comment from any reason whatsoever in reality that at the latest on the Internet start their frustrations, expression type. But you should live not like in the normal reality according to certain standards and rules. Such as Andre treat people how you want to be treated”it are the people who are the victims in the fact that in the Internet let their anger out and thus Andre people condemning as they otherwise be treated, too, have actually nothing to do with the perhaps? What bring people to as a social behavior? Everyone wants but real as well as virtual or not treated in a friendly and competent manner? “It has now so far, that we us itself can pull back only in us to at least a world” to be hurt. Andreas Franken


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