Turkey Bazaar

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The smells, the noise, the colors and again the hustle and bustle make this Bazaar also one absolute highlight Istanbul. Istanbul spice Bazaar Bazaar Turkey spices 7) Spice Bazaar > bridge ship = 25 min. Ortakoy / Bosphorus, costs 1 x 1.50 + 4 close TL to the Spice Bazaar of the ferry port, from those which dropping something in the years, but typical ferries. From here you can see the next and last highlight of this tour: the Bosphorus Bridge. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Jonathan Kellner. The Istanbul residents proudly tell that this bridge for them is still greater than the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, the pillar in the water, but on land there at their bridge.

Istanbul Bosphorus Bosphorus Bridge Turkey to this to come, you can first of all the S-Bahn bridge + select bus / taxi Variant or but the ship + bus/taxi Variant. We recommend the ship Variant. First, you will translate a normal ferry to the Asian side. From there another ferry will take you to the investor site of Kabatas”. Here also the S-Bahn from the ferry stops and you need to get on the bus or a taxi.

Ortakoy reach a busy shore district of Istanbul. Many cafes, restaurants and shops make this part of the city a popular weekend getaway destination. Also the restaurants and small streets fill up just in the evening. Istanbul Bosphorus at night Bosphorus Bridge mosque Turkey from here out just at night, have stunning views of the Bosphorus Bridge. The conclusion of our tour description is the lights, the atmosphere, and a good meal in one of the local restaurants. We hope this report helps you to spend a wonderful day in Istanbul. Your Combipix team


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