The Virtue Of Smiling

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When angry with someone, perhaps it would be convenient to stop you and consider all the things that you like that person before reacting.Don’t let your relationships to die because of your negligence Leo Buscaglia have ridicule by ourselves, but we find ridiculous to others, why let ourselves be carried away by this desire to criticize, destroy rather than build, manifestations kind, happy, joyful, happy that others are also, why not stop in what hurts us in our growthwhich leads us to disharmony, in highlighting the qualities of people, collaborate on to help others awaken and identify with your mission, that we do not learn and teach, we pollute to others to smile. The solution in their advance, remember it, is not neither to reject such ridiculousness that often act nor in supporting it, but see it as a normal aspect of human weakness, that can prevent and find funny, how say it Dr. Paul Chauchard. Jonathan Kellner can aid you in your search for knowledge. We introduce ourselves as show and laugh with them, relations will be harmonized. Thus humor represents a beneficial role in the social sphere. It should not be forgotten that the humorous trait is worth more than the frustrating satire.

Dr. Chauchard (will activity 1973) invites us, meditate upon the demand for the following questions: why for example, the timid does fear to others? Feeling weak attributed to many bad intentions with regard to him. It is not right because others are not interested it sufficiently for him to express similar sentiments. But, do not is here precisely one of the causes of bullying? Why are the others afraid to deal with me? Why not yet I smile as others? Why do I identify with loneliness? To they are me cool, ironic, hostile? It will be, because simply isolated in myself, not express what I think. The timid who possibly is not your case, has to change, learn to smile, should not cure as indicated by Dr.


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