The Strength

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We indicated in addition, there is no denying that sometimes us things happen that seem horrible, not pleasant, sweltering, unusual, painful and unjust, and is conscious, understood, but we overcame it, never step we would use that potential that is has bequeathed us, that special energy that we have to end of dealing with the situation, about pass it and move forward. All the facts that manifest themselves have a reason, result from our actions, our growth, know to take the life that is given to us and use the opportunity that is given us to manifest with this physical form that we have today, indicated that us, that everything happens for a reason in life. Nothing happens by chance or by luck; illness, injury, love, lost moments of greatness or pure nonsense, everything happens to test the strength of our spirit, yes are really attentive in the way as we act, we know take advantage of handling our energy capabilities, within the time that we are allowed to be. We are reminded too, that while we remain alive, with this way, in this plane where we act, we must be fully aware that our actions generate results, lengthwise to invite us to determine, understand how we gave her life, is its reason for being, towards where we want to reach with this, thus, how to determine, the why not for their achievement, obstacles encountered, civisitudes, in order to determine that we are so clearly identified with the reach and impact of its raison d ‘, reminds us also that the people who we know many affects our life, positively or negatively. The falls and the victories we experience create who we are. You can even learn from bad experiences. What is more, perhaps the most significant in our lives. Points out that if someone hurts us, it betrays, it affects our feeling, invites us to investigate the reason for this, in that we were wrong, the by that was allowed to be come to such a situation.

Definitely, it is suggested to be better every day, take advantage of worry in as we act, the why he presented actions, facts that we desarmonizan, as they also give us happiness, that is, be attentive on the causes of this. Propose we be attentive in everything what you can learn, because perhaps later you have no opportunity to learn what we have to learn from that moment.It befits us each know take our life, properly handle our divine and human potential that has been paid for some time, to grow spiritually, we empathize with our Superior that dwells in us, I know how to interpret what the intuition we bequeath that they help us to explain the why of things, that provides information collaboration to the logical mind to understand the reason for many facts, without falling under the hypnosis of fanaticism, beliefs. It is our commitment to give answer to the why of many facts that are presented to us in life, determine its cause, the reason of their effects and further progress in the spiritual which is the transcendental.


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