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Since 1953. esb provides an opportunity for all students regardless of their age, ability or level, to improve their speaking skills and listening. esb recognizes the individual differences that enrich the English language, but believes that clear and effective communication are essential. esb promotes and assesses spoken English in a wide range of educational centers: junior and senior schools, university colleges, universities, prisons, adult education classes and educational sectors of industry and business. Institute of Linguists (Institute of Linguists) serves the interests of professional linguists throughout the world. His goal: an advanced study and use of modern languages, improving the status of all professional linguists, Establishing a high standard of work, service the interests of all linguists, the guarantee of professional standards. The Institute is also actively involved in the solution of language problems at home and internationally. International English Language Testing System (IELTS) – The International English Language Testing System – Chief test of academic and vocational English.

ielts is accepted as assessment of the level of English by most universities and institutes of higher education in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. It is also used by many professional organizations throughout the world, including the British Ministry of Defense, the General Medical Council uk, the Medical Council of Ireland Australian Department of Immigration and the New Zealand Immigration Service. lcci (London Chamber of Commerce) as a leading global provider of professional technical and business-related qualifications, has 5,000 centers in more than 100 countries. lcci exams have international recognition from employers, universities and professional organizations. Close ties with lcci uk business and international business, which more than 100 years of experience in developing innovative qualifications, allows lcci to promote and review the appropriate requirements for commercial qualifications which reflect the needs of today's business environment.

Edexcel International is a department of Edexcel, which deals exclusively with clients outside the uk. Formed in 1997. He has a team strength of more than 60 employees and operates in more than one hundred countries. Edexcel International provides a wide range of academic (London Examinations) and vocational qualifications (BTEC), including English as a Foreign Language – The London Tests of English and the London Tests of English language for children, vocational exams at school. Edexcel International has regional offices in Muscat, Delhi, Mysore, Kuala Lumpur, Beijing and Hong Kong. Pearson – a leading education company in the world. Her books, multimedia learning tools and testing helps to educate more than 100 million people around the world, from preschool age to high school graduation. Pearson Language Tests provide English language examinations for students who are speakers of other languages. London Tests of English were originally developed by the examination board schools, University of London in 1982. This merged with the Board of Examiners Business & Technology Education Council (BTEC) in 1996. And became known as Edexcel. Pearson delivers the London Tests of English and the London Tests of English for children in collaboration with Edexcel. Trinity College (Trinity College) is a leading international examinations Commission. Trinity College's reputation rests on the ability to provide exams in performing arts. Annually by up to 500 thousand exams worldwide.


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