The Bike, Produced In Belarus

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During the Soviet Union's production of motorcycles stood at a very high level, and everyone in the factory producing motorcycle was an honor to go to their work. Motorcycles sold well while on the periphery, for agricultural industry workers in the sample. Manufacturers of motorcycles around the union lacked – Motorbike Minsk, Java, Iz, Ural, Dnepr. But the example we give in his – Minsk motorcycle – which is still produced in Minsk in Belarus. Motorbike Minsk – a motorcycle light, road class, designed for driving on a paved road. The first motorcycle under the marking M1 appeared at the factory in 1951, they produced more than 7 million units over the next years. Furthermore, a new model of the modified and redesigned by marking M1M.

Further, it was a family of motorcycle markings M101 M106 … until 1973. Then changed and labeling name motorcycle look like this: MMVZ-3.111 – a model of motorcycle in 1974 with four gears and a top speed of 90 km / h then it was a lot of different versions of motorcycles that have worked well on the road Belarus, as unpretentious and driving motorcycles. From auto parts questions will never arise, as in the store they always have been. And closer to our time, in 2008, were issued sport version with reinforced shock absorbers, frame and of course the engines, called Minsk 125 Sport. You can buy now from the official representative or directly at the factory in Belarus. Minsk motorcycle forever remembered Belarusians as their workhorse chassis on the road and roads of Belarus, who helped raise the country after World War II and build it in the future. Motorcycle "Minsk" is still evolving and are exported to many countries around the world.


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