The Action Plan

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Means and you have, if all goes right. To make it clear that it should be correct, it is necessary consider exactly how you're going to do, where will the costs and revenues will come from. The Action Plan is desirable to fix on paper. We must think about where you can save, where an agreement to barter, where the installment plan, etc. You No experience? But where to find business experience, if you are going to do it only after it you will. It would be like to start learning to drive a car only after you know for sure what is know how to do it.

Absurd! No experience – go to type. Open the small-company not Going back to the main work. And do everything possible so that the company was the company and provides you and your entire family. You do not know the laws and kompleksuete? Come to the company store businesses Delomag, get 2.3 Consultations and get rid of obsessive fears. Gradually, you learn the laws and the experience will be. A long way in business begins with the first step and this step we can do together. Every day, going to the office, you will always have no more than today.

Looking for new horizons, new opportunities, we must get out of your comfort zone. Pursuing a business, you have to log in water, which can not enter twice, and in which, of course, before you were not. So, two options: either you never start to acquire the necessary qualities and slide down to self-justification, or start a business and in the process gain knowledge and experience. Summary: if you want to do business – do not want to – do not do! But do not rend the air shouting, "I want to, but I can not." You can not just sit and wait for tomorrow – we must act. The ruble falls every day, amount of insurance payments on bank deposits guaranteed by the state of 700 thousand rubles. If you are fired – there is an additional reason to start your own business and invest it in their experience, knowledge and time. If you're ready begin to move toward his dream of own business, you must take the first step: make a decision and take responsibility! And finally good news. You can get a loan to buy the operating business in one of the leading commercial banks. The loan amount from 30 to 340 thousand rubles. a period of 6 months to 5 years at 26% per annum.


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