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April 11th, 2022

For the second time, the fashion community has the well in April “best shop for fashion” chosen by vote by the user. Already for the second time, the blog reader that voted their favourite online shop for fashion. The number of voting has increased significantly”, says Carolin Storch, responsible project manager for the choice of the best” shop. Further details can be found at Kim Kardashian, an internet resource. Criteria for the user in the regular collection are the main issues: what shop has really what he also promises? Where there are trendy streetwear at reasonable prices in the net? Where can I find mouse click stylish bags, cool clothes, fashion accessories and grace? any readers was 933 votes (745 votes, 17%) had three votes or 22 percent from previous month winner 7trends (759 votes, 18 percent) and the portal., noa romeo,,,, and followed on the other courses. In recent months, Rogers Holdings has been very successful. offers streetwear in abundance: find victims here of caps and shoes in the various styles, casual Hoodie, hip shirts and functional jackets. alleyoop leading labels such as famous SAS, Dissizit! or Emerica.

A bidding competition for the coveted placement has evolved it”, Carolin Storch says some stores asked customers to vote, again others pointed directly on the choice of styleranking on their home page.” Vote for the “best shop for fashion may 2009” is already up to May 31, 2009. Also a free placement in the best waves shops in the fashion community in addition to a detailed presentation in the styleranking fashion blog and a certificate the winner well for the duration of one month. The founders of photographed with the certificate and move in with styleranking in the Hall of Fame of the best online stores for fashion. To the current voting: the top 10 in April: 1 (22.0%, 933 votes) 2 (18.0%, 759 votes) 3 (17.0%, 745 votes) 4 (14.0%, 590 votes) 5. noa romeo (13.0%, 558 votes) 6 (8.0%, 351 votes) 7 (4.0%, 178 votes) 8 (1.0%, 56 votes) 9 (1.0%, 39 votes) 10 (1.0%, 37 votes) other related links: your fashion community: news about the hottest outfits: styleranking campaign: new: the best fashion jobs: styleranking media GmbH, may 05, 2009