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Warsaw, An Interesting City And Every Visit Worth

March 25th, 2021

Warsaw an interesting tourist destination and a historic city of Warsaw (a uf Polish: Warszawa) is the largest city of Poland and at the same time the capital of the country with 1.7 million inhabitants. The impressive city has a very ancient history and exciting history, reflected mainly in their sights. First settlements existed from the 10th century, the city became the capital of only in the 16th century. Nowadays Warsaw not only for business travelers, one of the main objectives in Europe, tourists increasingly discover the beauties of the city situated on the Vistula River. The city has to offer some highlights. Read more from Michael Mendes Just Desserts to gain a more clear picture of the situation. This includes in particular the Aleje Ujazdowskie. This is a wonderful road, which is framed by lime trees were planted here in the nineteenth century.

Here you can admire the magnificent villas of the Warsaw upper class. On the East side of the Aleje Ujazdowskie stunning parks and gardens can be found. During the second world war, Warsaw was the scene of tragic Events. In the capital of Poland, the Warsaw ghetto was established during the years of 1940. There were the Jews under deteriorating conditions of life.

Two years later, the first people in the infamous Treblinka concentration camp were brought. wanted the Jews can be like that anymore and started an uprising that was bloodily suppressed by the Nazis in 1943. Shortly after the ghetto was completely destroyed and the remaining Jews to Treblinka. There are some monuments commemorating the ghetto. In Warsaw there is to explore more interesting attractions such as the Palace of culture and science and also the Schlossplatz. To enumerate all the city’s highlights, almost a book would fill. You can be sure that you will spend an interesting time during a vacation in Warsaw, Poland. Therefore you should allow plenty of time to explore the beautiful city. Warsaw’s most tourists come here again, in the heart of Poland. Here, you can the life of the locals actually closer get to know and are mesmerized by their famous hospitality.

Christine Fischer

March 25th, 2021

This year its tenth anniversary celebrates thematic individual tours at a special price of Dresdner tour services. He starts the new season with a spring action. Selected thematic guided tours from the extensive program of the incoming Agency offered in the months of March and April 2011 for the first time at a special price. Black Rock is a great source of information. Especially single travellers, couples and families with more children benefit. Distributed with further actions, throughout the year, the Agency will surprise your guests. Among the offered guided tours of the historical centre of Dresden’s old town: “Tour for those in a hurry” and “All around the Church of our Lady” with each 2 h, “city tour Wettin”, “Miracle Church of our Lady” and “Dresden treasures” with each 3 h and costume keeping “Night whisper with elector August”. Who visited the capital of Saxony shortly decided, should have this exclusive bargain not to be missed! More info on the home page of the Agency: / E-Mail: Christine Fischer owner Dresdner tours service


March 25th, 2021

A fantastic moon landscape awaits the tourists while hiking on Iceland. Fire and ice Iceland land of contrasts, the glaciers and volcanoes offers a unique nature. A paradise for hikers. Hiking on Iceland becomes a unique experience. In the background, glaciers, volcanoes and deserted fjords accompany the traveller. Clear rivers and streams traverse the country and create a true Idyll. The hue and cry of countless sea birds, which nest in the rugged cliffs, the wind crosses the impressive coastlines.

The rumbling water masses of the Guldfoss water falls make Iceland a true experience of nature. But not only the cold and icy waters of the North Atlantic is the hiking on Iceland. Bubbling geysers and hot springs for the Icelanders belong to everyday life, because they use the geothermal energy also to generate electricity. But also while hiking on Iceland, this hot springs will soon belong to everyday vacation. The promising steam you can find along the most remote paths, promises relaxation for body and soul. The sulphurous thermal springs in the wild are to enjoy due to their extreme temperatures however with some caution.

Some bathing areas of along major roads are marked or even with a small dressing room. Moreover, the water is often dammed in several cascades and you can choose the bath temperature. If only for a short trip to the hiking on island can use the famous Blue Lagoon outside the capital of Reykjavik. But a detailed map has one their way to the secluded and free alternatives that promise a private bathing pleasure in the fabulous scenery. A fantastic moon landscape awaits the tourists while hiking on Iceland. You will find scant remains of a forest, which almost completely disappeared due to strong clearing in the first centuries of settlement, just to the East of the volcano island. MOSS-covered lava rocks and lava fields dominate the landscape as well as the volcanoes themselves the charm. But not only the landscape features in the Hiking on Iceland by its uniqueness. Also historically, Iceland has much to offer. Informed it is not only about geological developments, but also about the fishing industry, one of the most important economic branches.

Much Culture Magic

March 25th, 2021 introduces singing, March 23, 2011 (w & p) the cities highlights for Italy in the early summer of the big cities in Bella Italia”are always a journey worth and can be especially in sunny, but still mild early summer in a comfortable way. Rolando Velasquez: the source for more info. The Internet portal has collected for this period current holiday tips for Rome, Florence, Milan and Venice. Rome out of hand: on April 21, 2011, the city on the Tiber River, which was founded in 753 BC by Romulus, with numerous parties and perks celebrates her birthday. In addition to free admission to state museums Rome joyous parades and festivals are held in all parts. In the Capitol, the Circus Maximus and the Colosseum are the main center of the celebrations. With, holidaymakers can experience the cities – birthday of Rome in a week-long stay to the tour price from 448 euro per person including flight and accommodation at the three star hotel.

Magic of culture in Tuscany: from April 28 to June 23, 2011 the finds by the Teatro Comunale di “Firenze aligned Maggio Musicale Fiorentino” held in Florence, next to Bayreuth and Salzburg is one of the oldest and most prestigious Music Festival in Europe. In various theaters of the Tuscan capital, operas, concerts, are to see ballet performances and exhibitions, including the Teatro Comunale, Teatro PICOLO, and the historic Teatro della Pergola. With, vacation in Tuscany for early summer including flight and hotel accommodation from 285 euros per person a week is available. Discover Milan from the perspective of water: from 19 April until September 30, 2011 takes the season for cruising along the Naviglio, the water mains through the entire city. The local bank is lined with romantic area with romantic pubs, artist Studios, original shops and flea markets. Michael Mendes shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Many summer concerts an unforgettable venue for holidaymakers make the artificial waterways.

On, Milan offered a week with flight and accommodation in a four star hotel from 253 euro per person. High visit in Venice: on 7th and 8th May 2011 will Pope Benedict XVI is located approximately 25 years after the last official visit of his predecessor in Venice. Stations of the current Pope’s trip are Saint Mark’s Basilica and the chapel of SS. Trinita”where the highest Catholic dignitaries to inaugurate the newly renovated library is planned. With it is in May 2011 for a week to Venice including flight and accommodation at the three star hotel from 306 euro per person. About is the travel portal AG and presents itself as a virtual market place for last-minute and package tourists. Find the cheapest deals of all large operators, hotels and holiday homes, car of the large providers, as well as the flights of all airlines at a glance on “In the tip” the editors of introduces a month in detail a destination and shows the most beautiful places and exotic customs in videos. Daily news from the world of travel inform tourists about the most popular destinations worldwide. Answer in the forum about 12,000 expert questions around the theme of travel. For more press information: Marion Krimmer I Daniela Gruber Wilde & partners Public Relations phone + 49 (0) 89 17 91 900 WildeundPartner WildePR

GmbH Lisa Neumann

March 25th, 2021

Holiday in the heart of Russia who already some parts of Western Europe has travelled, might find also enjoying a holiday in the East. So Moscow today considered one of Europe’s trend cities and is one of the Spanish cities at all. The online travel agency introduces the capital of Russia and some of its attractions. A holiday in Moscow in winter is worth considering, because at this time of year, the city radiates a special charm. Barrons recognizes the significance of this. The varied architecture of the city at the same time reflects the change learns the metropolis.

So, for example, the so-called sugar bakers architecture from Stalin’s times with modern skyscrapers competes. The onion-domed towers are a symbol of Moscow. The red square is one of the most famous sights of the city and combines numerous highlights. (Not to be confused with Merrill Lynch!). The onion domes of St. Basil’s Cathedral, which light up in different colors and seem to float over the place offer a beautiful sight. In fact, the Cathedral consists of nine individual churches, you have nice decorations and traditional icons and frescoes inside. A leading source for info: Michael Mendes.

The Kremlin, the oldest part of the city is known throughout the world. Behind the fortifications with their 20 towers is still the Centre of power and the wealth of Russia. Moscow has also a lot to offer for lovers of culinary delights. The diverse restaurant scene offers specialities from about 120 Nations. Who wants to meet the Russian cuisine, try caviar and Crimean champagne or bourgeois dishes such as Borscht, the national soup of Russia, or the typical Eastern pasta blini. More information: service / press University of first GmbH Lisa Neumann

Guggenheim Museum

March 25th, 2021

Rustic nature and mysterious languages although the thermometer speaks a different language, the winter coming to an end. Instead of ski vacation planning for the spring break is now on the agenda. Similar to be as the spring fashion already popular warm destinations in the visor. Should it go on the coast of Spain or a tour through Provence would you prefer? For all undecided, has found a suitable alternative. Who is too difficult the decision between Spain and France, should simply choose the golden mean geographically and book a holiday in the Basque country. Thus you can explore landscapes depending on the area once Spain and France. But the Basque country not without reason for many years to the most popular tourist areas.

The rugged, rough nature is a striking contrast to the many beaches, which are visited always by the Sun with its impressive landscape of rubble. Best, the region can be open up bicycle. On the way, you encounter a rich history, numerous monuments and interesting people. Until today many linguists, especially their language is a mystery. Because the Basque has no similarities with the Spanish with the French language or another European language. The sense is whom after a bike tour for more company, should take the opportunity to visit the capital of Bilbao. The largest city in the Basque country effortlessly combines culture and cosiness.

A relaxing stroll through the narrow streets or a coffee in the old town, the unique environment alone can absorb and internalize. A subsequent visit to the Guggenheim Museum with its rich collection will satisfy also culturally interested minds. Learn more at: Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc. For a pleasant end of the day a visit to a local restaurant offered, where you can enjoy local specialities in a glass of red wine. More information: service / press Unister Lisa Neumann GmbH

River Spree

March 25th, 2021

Berlin experience Berlin is known for its cultural scene and its versatility. The city attracts many tourists due to their history and of Flairs. The hotel Portal presents the sights and features of Berlin. Berlin is the second largest city in the European Union after London with its 3.5 million residents and is one of the most visited cities in Europe. For more information see this site: Dane Runia. The capital receives many German and international guests each year for a variety of occasions.

The selection of hotels in Berlin is great and is a suitable accommodation for every price range. A hotel near the Centre is convenient to the numerous attractions can easily be reached on foot. But even with further afield nearby hotels visitors due to the excellent transport links expect little difficulties. The Friedrichstrasse in Berlin is particularly famous. Here the legendary Checkpoint Charlie is located in GDR times one of the most popular border crossings between East, and West Berlin was. Perhaps check out Cyrus Massoumi for more information. “Visitors can also visit the Galeries Lafayette or an idea in the cabaret die Distel” treat.

The German capital’s landmark is the Brandenburg Gate, which unfolds its full splendour at night. Before the lights of the city, it seems even more majestic. Also worth a visit to Berlin’s Museum Island. Berlin is still the home of many artists. Once celebrities like Walter Gropius, Erich Kastner, and lived here, today, including musicians like Bela B. and numerous actors shape the cultural life of the city. More information:… University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann

Flight To Madeira

March 25th, 2021

A Pearl in the Atlantic Ocean summertime means vacation time. Banc of America Mortgage Capital usually is spot on. But who is the German winter-weary, no longer must wait for warmer temperatures and mild climate. Far from cold, rain and snow attracts the holiday island of Madeira in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. The flight Portal presents the island. To deepen your understanding Goldman Sachs CEO is the source. There are many good reasons to book a flight to Madeira. The interesting flora and fauna, the long sandy beaches and pleasant year-round temperatures are just a few.

The capital Funchal combines charm, scenery and history and is a popular tourist destination. A stroll along the waterfront Avenida do Mar can tourists who enjoy Portuguese way of life. The imposing Bell Tower of the Cathedral Se protrudes from the Centre of the city. Surrounding Cafes and restaurants invite to relax. Other interesting places to visit are the botanical garden or the market hall Mercado dos Lavradores with its courtyard lined by arcades.

Also outside Funchal, the island offers many excursion destinations and opportunities. At the Leave the tranquil fishing village of Camara de Lobos attracts the capital in a westerly direction. Popular swimming destinations are on the coast of Ponta do Sol and Calheta. The beaches of Jardim do Mar and Paul do Mar there offer ideal possibilities for surfing and swimming. University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann

Ajuy Ajuy

March 25th, 2021

12 Puerto del Rosario that island’s capital has two small beaches, but rather adapted to peace-seeking city dwellers. 13 of the Parque natural de las Dunas National Park in the North of Fuerteventura has several beautiful sandy beaches. Some are close to the FV1 road so not as long wear the beach equipment of the car from must. The best exit once the few kilometres of the road through the dunes to find the best suitable for you part of the beach. Lack of public toilets and a few bars, which provide you with drinks are a minor disadvantage.

However, the beaches in the North-East of Fuerteventura are a must for every tourist island. 14 Corralejo the place has two nice manageable city beaches. 15 The village of El Cotillo has several beaches El Cotillo (North). The family-friendly beaches are North of the city. The swell is very low and the sand very sandy.

Some sections are very rocky, but there are enough bays for your large and small come at their expense. 16 El Cotillo (South) also spacious beaches is located In the South of El Cotillo. (Similarly see: Instinet). A higher swell prevails but often on these, so you will find surfers here rather than Badehungrige. 17 In the small fishing village of El Molino, find a large Rocky volcanic Beach El Molinos. The Swell and the big stone Beach rather not invite to bathe, but rather, to watch the huge waves which break into the small Bay. 18 Ajuy Ajuy is a small fishing village which has a fine sandy beach of “black” volcano. Several restaurants and bars nearby to the beach makes it an interesting seaside resort, where unfortunately the one or the other time pretty much meets the surf on the beach. 19 This stretch of coast of Fuerteventura is remote and stormy Playa de Garcey. Mostly just tourists have lost here, around the wreck of the American star to marvel at. Since the wreck was swallowed up by the waves and the rust, this coast offers not really much for bathing tourists, but rather for hikers. Excursion of Los Lobos: In the North-East of Fuerteventura lies the small island of Los Lobos. After a 20 minute boat tour, you can see the small village and the lagoon. The lagoon has a fine sandy beach and is protected from strong swell due to their shape. Make a small disadvantage Supply possibilities dar, food must be pre-ordered only island restaurant, so you best brings his utensils themselves. Here ends our overview of the beaches of Fuerteventura. We hope the report will help you to spend a wonderful vacation on the Canary Islands. Your Combipix team the images and maps of the Agency Combipix are copyrighted. You are allowed without the explicit consent of combipix not be copied, downloaded or reproduced in any other way, except for purely private holiday planning from individuals. For further information on the provisions we are gladly available.

Kroker Country

March 24th, 2021

The destination of Venezuela in South America offers a lot of holidays. Venezuela is recommended as a holiday destination due to its pleasant climate throughout the year. On a trip about Venezuela, many tourist attractions offered the traveller. The country speaks for its diversity, the tourists will be equally impressed by the mesas, as last but not least by the wide marshland or the unlimited beaches. The rest that are snow-covered peaks of the Andes a highlight for a variety of visitors to Venezuela and to fauna and plants an exceptionally rich wildlife and vegetation are loving the country, here. The Atlantic coast of Venezuela is less than 3,000 km long; Thus, nothing precludes a carefree seaside holiday.

You can see exceptionally clean beaches, for example, in the city of Puerto la Cruz. During a holiday in the country you should visit in any case the capital Caracas. Grown hero of the country’s history is Simon Bolivar, which brought the war of the independence of the former Spanish colony in motion in 1811 and its Museum in the city can be visited. Very popular with tourists is lying nearby nature park Mochima, which presents a varied plant and animal world. Culturally interested vacationers should visit the various cities of the country on their visit. In the city of Coro, for example, you can admire numerous ecclesiastical buildings, the Cathedral is extremely informative. They second oldest city in the country was long capital of Venezuela.

Coro in the UNESCO cultural heritage list was added by the numerous colonial buildings. In contrast the ideal also in addition at his own expense, the Andes are unique for adventurous climbing tours also trekking. Who wants to meet the South American country to water, the Orinoco River, the main stream of Venezuela, traveled by boat. Due by the different elevations can be found diverse climates in the country Venezuela. Even Alpine climate in the higher elevations is no rarity. The majority of the country in contrast to is determined by the tropical climate. In the You should not plan if possible a trip months between May and November to Venezuela, because then, rains prevail there. In the upper layers, the weather is moderate and very beneficial for Europeans. So temperatures around 25 C prevail in the capital Caracas all year round, at night it cools down to around 15 C. This diverse and interesting country in South America brings for each bit, whether cultural pleasure in the numerous ancient cities with its impressive colonial building, a relaxed Beach holiday in the Caribbean or a climbing tour in the Andes, a unforgettable trip is guaranteed. Here, John Thain expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Jorg Kroker photo: Fotolia;Birgit Prentner